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You know you want to see this.

The director of 2009’s Zombieland has a new movie coming out called 30 Minutes or Less. 30 Minutes or Less has the director reuniting with Jesse Eisenberg. In this, Eisenberg plays a pizza delivery man who is forced to rob a bank by two men in monkey masks (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson), or else a bomb strapped to his chest will go off. He reluctantly goes to a friend he more or less betrayed (Aziz Ansari) for help.

The Red Band trailer was recently released and yes, the film actually looks as hilarious as its ridiculous premise. Action comedies are usually hit or miss, but I’m hoping this one is more like Pineapple Express than Your Highness.

30 Minutes or Less is set to be released on August 12. Usually, a mid-August release date means a film isn’t very good. However, this will hopefully be good because nothing makes the end of summer a little less depressing than a good comedy with a cast this good.

Watch the trailer after the jump: (more…)

Puck yes.

For everyone out there who caught the one season genius of “Summer Heights High” and wished for more, here it is.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley is at it again with a new comedy show called “Angry Boys.” It looks about as tasteless and hilarious as “Summer Heights High” with Lilley once again playing all the main roles. Could this possibly be even more offensive then “Summer Heights High”? Well, “Summer Heights High” had Lilley playing a Polynesian teenager, a very flamboyant man, and a girl. “Angry Boys” has him playing a mentally challenged kid and a mentally challenged woman. You decide.

Video posted below

-Ian Phillips


I don’t know how you spent your spring break, but I spent a very strange part of mine watching “Birdemic: Shock and Terror.” Fans of bad movies everywhere might have already heard of it. Three years after being made, “Birdemic” is finally available for all to see on Netflix. It’s not as bad as the trailer makes it look; it’s worse. Filled with awful special effects, nonsensical dialogue, terrible editing, and an environmental message that sends the environmental movement back about 30 years, few films can top this catastrophe created by James Nguyen.

No bad film has ever made me this angry. After watching “Birdemic,” I felt the need to break my television set, and then watch something good in order for me to regain my grip on what a good movie is.

“Birdemic” might anger you, or possibly bore you to death, but I can’t say you won’t have a good time watching it. Just get a big group of friends together, and prepare to laugh out loud for 90 minutes straight. “Birdemic” will certainly one day earn its place next to the likes of “The Room,” “Troll 2,” and “Plan 9 from Outer Space” as one of the worst movies ever made.

To get a preview of the ridiculousness, watch the trailer after the jump.

-Ian Phillips


If you’re just returning from spring break like I am, your case of the Mondays must be especially bad today. I originally pondered posting Rebecca Black’s infamous “Friday,” which has become a pop culture phenomenon in just one week. However, her non-existant ability to write good lyrics has already gotten enough air time. Then I pondered posting the Bob Dylan version of the song.

Instead, I’ve decided to show you Jimmy Fallon doing a nearly spot-on impression of Bob Dylan singing the “Charles in Charge” theme song. Because it will make you happy, and because it’s about time Jimmy Fallon started earning a little respect.

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Yes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are young and hot and hip and that’s probably why they’re this year’s Oscar hosts.

But there was someone who was strangely more charming than both of them combined. It was the 95-year-0ld Kirk Douglas. He seemed happier to be there then anyone else at the show. Seriously, they couldn’t even get him off the stage. And no matter if it was intentional or not, he managed to make everyone in the audience feel incredibly uncomfortable. This was the kind of head-scratching, unpredictable moment the Oscars could use more of:


Recently, I decided to make a giant leap forward and do something I had been avoiding for at least five years: I decided to friend my mom on Facebook. Why? Maybe I could no longer ignore the fact that she also knew how to use a computer. Or maybe I just don’t care if she sees that I Like “Lower the Drinking Age,” or that I occasionally enjoy dropping the f-bomb in my statuses.

Anyway, this has been making me think, how do I adapt to a world where my parents, and every other person I’ve ever known in my life, are on Facebook? Easy, just follow this helpful guide I found today on how not to fail on Facebook. These fails must be seen because in a world where Facebook is not just a trend, but a part of daily life, it is important you use it properly:

If you go to Syracuse, you likely have an extremely bad case of the Mondays this week. That may be because we are one of the only schools not to get off for President’s Day; so here is a picture of a cat made to look like Pikachu. I don’t really have much more to add to this, except if you can’t even crack a smile at this then, well, you’re just a heartless member of Team Rocket.

While most musicians working today feel they must release all of the details of their next album months before it actually comes out, Radiohead once again proved their genius and did it just a week before.

Today, the British band announced that on Saturday they will be releasing their next album, “The King of Limbs,” this coming Saturday. Put this together with Arcade Fire winning Best Album at the Grammys and you have the equivalent of an indie music fan orgasm.

“The King of Limbs” will be Radiohead’s first album since 2007’s insanely experimental “In Rainbows.” It will definitely be interesting to see how much weirder and more unique this band can get. Nobody knows what the hell will be on this album but come Saturday, we will have our headphones plugged in, all ready to see what Thom Yorke and the rest of the group has in store for us now.

The latest rap parody making a splash on the internet comes from a University of Michigan student taking a creative spin on Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” Skylar Fulton’s hilariously accurate ode to JAP culture can be seen as an unofficial spinoff to last summer’s “Nassau (County) State of Mind.” However, despite being something of a Michigan thing, it probably could’ve been shot at Syracuse, and not been any different.

So put on your North Face, send that last BBM, and polish that Star of David necklace, because it’s time for a little Jappiness:

After a five year hiatus since the release of their last album, “First Impressions of Earth,” The Strokes have finally returned. Although their latest album, “Angles,” doesn’t come out until March 22, the first single off the album, “Under Cover of Darkness,” was released today. It does not disappoint. It’s a great little return to form for the band. It sounds like something that would’ve been on their first album, “Is This It.”

Apparently, The Strokes’ site crashed just minutes after the song was released. Luckily, the internet is a big place so we at Jerk were able to recover the song. Listen to this great new release, over and over again, in all its glory here: