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In this week’s JERKcast the gang is joined by Victoria and Melissa. Lucky for Charlie he can relate with Victoria when it comes to ComicCon. From the crazy costumes to the intense gaming tournaments, Charlie breaks down the topic he knows well and excitingly more than Julia. But she retaliates back with her update about the One World concert. Even though some people were being distracted by texting while the Dali Llama was speaking, it was still insightful. Julia recaps the many bands that performed and gives props to Dave Matthews for chilling in his bus instead of a hotel. The cast moves on to the release of the magazine and focus in on the articles: Political Chicken, Julia’s article High Volume, and Scareacuse where they comment on the big boobed cupcake lady. Hopefully her cupcakes are as good as they look. Make sure to pick up this month’s copy of JERK!

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Hosts: Melissa Nawokski, Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino & Charlie Ecenbarger
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Producers: Victoria Kezra, Julia Fuino, Melissa Nawokski
Show Recap: Melissa Nawokski

Johnny Depp: You pretty much either love him or hate him. Personally, I love him. Combine him with Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Rum Diary” and you couldn’t make me more excited. By excited, I mean jumping up and down and screaming with my friend when we first saw the film’s trailer.

The film is based off Thompson’s novel about a journalist who moves to Puerto Rico for his new job and the insanity that ensues. Yes, that’s an extremely simplified summary of the plot, but you really should just read the novel or, at least, go see the film. Needless to say, my friend and I will be fueling our Depp-obsession at midnight on Oct. 28 when the film hits theaters. Jerks are welcome to come with!

-Erin Elzo