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Class registration for Spring 2012 officially began this past week and still, I have not figured out my schedule yet. Either the classes I want to get in are reserved for freshmen only, or they are already full. Yes, I’m a senior and STILL can’t get into the classes I want. FML.

But what’s good about class registration during senior year is that by this time, most of us are done with our major requirements, so we just need to take electives. Honestly, I never knew our school had such an interesting variety of classes to take. It was depressing for a moment to think that this would be the last time I enroll for classes in college.

Another good thing is I get to take these classes with my friends. It’s always more exciting to take a fun class with a close friend. We become more motivated to learn about the topics, engage in discussions and, sometimes, even study together. For those who aren’t seniors yet, make sure to be wise when picking classes. By the time you’re a senior, it could become a much more stressful process if you held off on taking certain requirements.

Some suggestions for fun classes: CFS 388, HPM 422, PHI 191, WGS 230, and any PED course.

-Ellie Sul


Learn to appreciate Belgian Deliciousness

As a senior about to graduate in an ungodly short amount of time, let me give all you students my best piece of advice: Take HPM 422 Wine and Beer Appreciation. Trust me, it’s as sweet as it sounds. And you’ll learn a ton (i.e. this blog). I’m not talking about anything that’s likely to get you a job, but once you do land one you’ll have some ammo ready to impress your boss at his/her next dinner party. And when your parents ask what you learned this semester, you’ll finally be able to fire back something relevant and interesting, like “Dad, you know that Blue Moon in your hand? You’ll get a better taste if you drink it out of a glass rather than the bottle. And don’t put that orange slice in your beer—the acidity ruins the taste.”

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown,NY

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown,NY

Probably the best part of the class is during the second half of the semester when local breweries like Saranac and Empire visit, bringing along straight-from-the-brewhouse beers. Last week, Brewery Ommegang (based in Cooperstown, NY) came to SU with a few of its staple brews. Overall, they brew some hefty beers with complementary alcohol percentages. Read on for details on our in-class tasting and some follow-up notes courtesy of an afternoon at Blue Tusk in Armory Square. (more…)