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It seems the internet just got weirder and more pet friendly, if you can believe it. Apparently, Youtubing videos of cats just isn’t cutting it these days. Now, not only can you watch cats do weird things, but you can also watch ‘man’s best friend’, among other pets, on a 24-hour live feed. Yes, you heard right. If you have nothing else better to do with your time, you can receive live updates on pets that aren’t yours. I know, I know…this news is probably crippling to those of you who have a weakness for cute baby animals.

Basically any animal you want to watch, you can. Puppies, brown bears, puffins, sea lions, and tropical fish all have live 24-hour streaming videos. And after five minutes, I was in love.

It turns out that the majority of the animals are puppies, and are a part of the Warrior Canine Connection in Bethesda, Maryland, an organization that helps combat injured veterans. This therapeutic service dog-training program welcomed “Holly’s Half Dozen” puppies—five girls and one boy. Veterans with PTSD will train the puppies before they are partnered with other veterans who have mobility impairments.

Other do-good animals you can watch are the sea lions at Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Orange County, California. It’s a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates marine mammals that have come ashore due to illness or injury. It’s run essentially,  just by volunteers and donations. You can help out the cause by just by liking their Facebook page. For every ‘like’, PMMC will receive a one-dollar donation.

-Sara Freund