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Since the announcement of H&M’s designer collaboration with Versace last spring, the anticipation grew into complete mania. Advertisements and campaigns for the collaboration were everywhere, and you could not help but think it would be an absolute success.

Well, November eventually came and, as predicted, the lines were outrageous (22 hours?!) and people bought up everything. And then returned it. What usually happens with fast fashion/designer collaborations is the immediate purchase of all items, possible server breakdowns and eventually outrageously priced eBay resales. Well, that sort of happened here, but then people also started returning items to stores. Odd.

It seems that people were more into the idea of owning some Versace than the actual pieces. And so, they waited in line, bought the items, went home and realized they weren’t really into pink ruffles and palm trees in winter. I doubt this will deter the upcoming spring collaboration planned between the two brands, but it does say something about the reason why people shop.

Continuing with the wave of collaborations, H&M announced this week their next designer matchup: Marni! Now this is something to look forward to. Marni is one of those sort-of-not-really niche brands with very loyal customers. Known for their prints, colors and cuts, Marni might provide a good reason to line up. Hopefully it will turn out more like Missoni with Target (minus the internet overload).

Here’s a look at the announcement:

– Nadjma Sako

In a sea of uniform H&M and Forever 21 outfits, it’s not always easy to stand out. That’s probably why DIY fashion is increasing in popularity. DIYers are replicating the looks of big name designers like Dolce & Gabbana.

I’d like to say I’m as talented as half the people that post on DIY blogs, but I know I wouldn’t be fooling anyone. I’ve always been (somewhat) secretly jealous of people creative enough to do that kind of DIY that looks completely professional and store-bought.

Maybe that’s why the handmade products on Etsy sell well and get such rave reviews from the females in my life. The words used in reference to these products are generally something along the lines of “a little pricey, but totally worth it.”

DIY style has been hailed as a movement by many, including a close friend who can knit an awesome beanie, poof and all. She tried to explain to me how she made the poof ball at the top of the beanie the other day. I could just feel my head getting heavy as my mind tried to wrap itself around this concept that made so much sense to her.

“It’s real simple,” she said. Yeah, okay, I’m just going to sit in the corner, twiddling my thumbs, now.

-Erin Elzo

In the world of designer collaborations, Versace is the next big name to lend itself to fashion. H&M has secured a behemoth deal with Versace, which has never done a designer collaboration until now, making it one of the last to be conquered. The collection will be all about Versace’s heritage, going back to the days of Gianni to the present, it should encompass the brand’s DNA. With such a history of dramatic and exciting fashion, there is great anticipation for the results of this collaboration. It has been announced for about a month now, and pictures are being released every week.

This collaboration comes at a great time, right in the midst of collaboration mania with the Target-Missoni line already launched and Lagerfeld for Macy’s recently hitting stores. This is the perfect time for Donatella to reach out to a new audience and expand her brand further than upper-tier wallets. Not to say that Donatella has never attempted to design for the masses because, with her diffusion line, Versus, that was the goal. Yet the prices were never fast fashion low.

The collection will hit H&M stores across the country on November 19. Good thing H&M hasn’t launched e-commerce yet, this way they can avoid Target’s Missoni mania that crashed their site.

-Nadjma Sako