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If you’ve kept up with How I Met Your Mother for the last 15 years like I have, you probably know the characters are finally putting their adult pants on.  We found out during the premiere that (SPOILER ALERT!) nothing new happened, because not much happened.

We continue watching though because we love it.  At least I did, until this past Monday’s (10/1) episode.  This episode was so repetitive and pointless that I was tempted to vomit all over my computer just to show my displeasure.

If you didn’t watch it, keep reading! It’ll be easier on you if I just take you through this dog-and-pony show.

It begins with stating that one of these couples will break up: Ted and Victoria, Barney and Quinn, or Robyn and whoever the hell that guy is.  Already we don’t care at all.  We know Barney and Robyn are scheduled to maybe tie the knot.  You know what else we know? You aren’t the mom, Victoria. Get out of here and make a cupcake or something.

But regardless, we have Ted and Victoria living together…with Klaus.  Doesn’t this ex-fiancé situation remind Ted of why him and Stella broke up?  The apartment should also have at least a shred of awkwardness since Klaus and Victoria left each other at the altar roughly a half hour ago, but I guess we’re just suppose to ignore that.  It’s not like there’d be leftover feelings after years of being together or anything.

Oh, and to Robyn’s boyfriend: Who are you? Do I care? I don’t know, am I suppose to?  Due to your lack of backstory I have to assume you’re either a serial killer or a ghost.

Once again though, we don’t care about any of that.  We know none of them are staying together anyway. Barney and Quinn are the ones that end up biting the dust at the end (gasp!), but it could have been any of them; I still would have responded with a dead gaze and a glance at the clock to see how much youth I wasted.

Some of you may be thinking, “Hey! How I Met Your Mother was good! There are a lot of episodes that don’t get you closer to the mother!”

To that I say yes, but those episodes were funny. (Boom! Roasted.)

– Taylor Kowalski