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Whether it is in the skyscrapers of New York and Boston, the studios of Los Angeles or at the small offices in your hometown, many Syracuse students spend their summers interning to build their résumés. Due to the current job market, many SU students rely on internships to make themselves stand out to potential employers. With the cost of tuition astoundingly high, many SU students who wish to intern over the summer for credit have grumbled about the cost it would take to obtain credit for a summer internship.

For an undergraduate student who interned in the summer of 2011 the cost of one credit was $966. While this amount is not egregiously high, it does add up to the countless number of Syracuse students who relocate to another city for the summer. For all of the Visual and Performing Arts and Newhouse students who spend the summer working in New York or LA, the cost of housing, food and other expenses (the nightlife) adds up to an amount that many parents have second doubts about spending to assist their children. For all of the political science and public affairs students that make Washington, DC their home in the summer, living expenses plus the nearly one thousand dollar cost of credit may lead to many not taking internships at all.

Many companies and corporations require that their interns obtain credit from their colleges and universities due to legal obligations, therefore, many students have to pay the credit cost. The Syracuse University administration should consider allowing students to be billed for their summer credit in the fall semester upon completion of a summer internship. For this reason alone, I may brave a trip across the quad to a Student Association meeting to advocate for this noble cause.

What are your thoughts?

-Brysan Brown