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In 1977, the American favorite Happy Days was at 8 seasons and quickly losing steam after Richie left to go make the DaVinci Code and other cool stuff.  Our generation may not recognize the term “jumping the shark”, but it stems from when Happy Days’ Fonzi ACTUALLY jumped over a shark that appeared while the gang was water skiing.  The phrase refers to any show’s last-ditch attempt to keep things interesting (we’re looking at you, LOST).

Here’s how these once-great shows could have avoided jumping the shark, as well as the shrugs and indifferent looks people give when asked if they watched the new episodes/if they even knew the show was over.

The Office:  I’m an avid Office watcher.  It’s my dream life (I love paper).  The first time I ever cried from being happy in my life was Jim and Pam’s wedding.  And no I don’t think that’s pathetic, it was a beautiful ceremony.  Unfortunately it seems that the people behind The Office, despite Carrell’s warning of his departure, seemed to have an “Oh shit, that’s tomorrow!” moment and just threw a season together with a confusing throng of guest stars.

What They Should Have Done:  Hired, literally as well as fictionally, a boss from outside the office, preferably a comedian who’s own hit show wrapped awhile ago and is looking for a “hey I’m bored” kind of gig (cough* Ray Romano *uncough).  Also, end every episode with a close up of Jim’s face.

Heroes:  Though it’s been over for a while, I include it because it was a possible juggernaut show gone awry.  What initially attracted me to Heroes was their notion that out of the 6 billion people in the world, only random few have special abilities.  As far as the supernatural goes, it’s realistic.  By the second season, however, it appeared that I was the only one who DIDN’T have a power!  The problem with Heroes was that there were TOO MANY HEROES!

What They Should Have Done: Fewer heroes (we can’t ALL be special), less politics, and a lot more Sylar.  He’s one of the better villains that’s come around for some time, and one of my better desktop backgrounds.

Two and a Half Men:  With the departure of Charlie Sheen, ‘Men’ was faced with the challenge of keeping a hit show a hit despite losing its star character.  Their mistake, though, was bringing in Ashton as a character who essentially is completely random.

What They Should Have Done:  Bring Ashton in, but instead he’s the result of one of Charlie’s past one nightstands.  This way Charlie is still in the spotlight a little bit.  Now Walden has to get to know his quirky family! I’m already sensing the laughs and hijinks!

Grey’s Anatomy:  You’d think all the patients would be admitted with gaping bite wounds from all the sharks this show has been jumping.   Two hospital shootings, killing off the basically incestuous cast, and the most recent leap over a Great White: a plane crash!  Remember how cute it was when George fumbled around and Christina was just a bitch? Neither do I, it was too long ago.

What They Should Have Done: Cancelled it.

— Taylor Kowalski

I’ve come up with a way to best describe senior year and see what wisdom I can impart on all you wee-little underclassmen when I depart from this world. I’m talking about the college world, so relax before you start calling the suicide prevention hotline. You know that thing called a “mid-life crisis” that many of your dads probably went through and you hear about so much?

Well, when I turned 20, I made a big joke about how I’m having a “quarter-life crisis.” I guess I kind of thought I was having one, mostly because I wasn’t a teenager any longer. But quarter-life crisis is actually a pretty good way to describe the feeling I’m having now, graduation looming within the year and what not. When you hit this time, you start to take a look back and reflect on just what exactly you’ve spent your entire college career doing. Personally, what it makes me think of is who I used to be.

Anyone who knows me in-depth, as you soon–yes, you there, sitting at the computer, I’m talking to you–will know when you read my every post and follow me throughout the semester, is that I like to think philosophically. I personally believe that you are not the same person you were years ago; experience, age and jadedness take its toll in many ways.

No, not that kind of Jade.