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With October 31st just around the corner, I thought it was only necessary to write a post about every college student’s favorite holiday. Traditionally, Halloween is a night that rolls around every fall, when one would dress up and go from door to door asking for candy. For college girls living the Halloween dream in their late teens and twenties, the door to door innocence has faded and has turned into “the one day a year you can dress as a complete slut and no one can say anything about it.” (Props to Cady Heron)

Whether for theme parties or an attempt to show off for the boys, girls’ costumes are getting less and less conservative.

For some reason, girls either think they can wear anything or nothing at all.  Maybe it’s the added alcohol that wasn’t in the mix when we were kiddies, but I’m positive that if a dad ever saw his daughter’s Facebook photos from Halloween, he wouldn’t be calling her his little angel anymore.

So in the spirit of all things fashion, here is a list of the few categories that, year after year, girls seem to love.

Occupations: I’m talking police officers, nurses, firefighters, flight attendants, and maids, just to name a few.  Ordinarily, these occupations outfits are pretty drab; however, on Halloween it is a completely different story.  Girls just love to hike up those hemlines.  Not to mention, people love to have accessories like handcuffs and whips.

Animals: These are usually the go-to outfits that people make last minute.  It is easy to find cat ears and a tail anywhere, just add on some eyeliner as whiskers with a tight skirt and bandeau and you’re good to go.  Some of the more intense outfits I’ve been seeing include the black latex bodysuits that legit show off your every curve. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you plan on wearing this make sure you can actually pull it off!  It’s highly unlikely to be able to do this if you’re over a size 2 and not taller than 5’6.

Fictional Characters: Most of these costumes stem from Disney movies.  Although these costumes are sexy, they still somehow manage to be cute.  Most girls that wear these tend not to be sluts in real life, makes sense considering they are picking Disney characters for Halloween.

Whoever or whatever you choose to be, just remember that it is the one night of the year when you can be anything you want, so have fun with it!  And before the night’s festivities begin, remember to ask your friends “does this make me look fat?” Even though it’s one night, there will be pictures to document it forever. (Thank you, social media.)

– Lauren Levine

Halloween is definitely the most entertaining of holidays. When done right, it is inventive, fun and at times horrifying. However, there is a bad side to the clearance people feel during Halloween. Inventive can be mistaken for other things, and costumes can easily cross lines and offend.

Let’s start with the good. Since trick-or-treating has a cutoff age, adults and college students find other ways to partake in the festivities, usually in the form of costume parties. Celebrities, with their resources of makeup artists and designer friends to create costumes for them, tend to have some incredible costumes when they put their minds to it. Here are a few of my favorite costumes from this year’s festivities:

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