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The days of scrunchies, headbands and flowers being the hottest hair accessory are a thing of the past. The latest hot thing to be donned in those luscious locks of yours are….feathers! Wait, what? Yeah.

This trend is reminiscent of the hair wraps that were all the rage when we were in middle school, except a whole lot dumber. Thanks to celebrities like Ke$ha and Hilary Duff, feathers have flown to the top of the trend fad list this summer. You can sport a hippie-bohemian look with natural looking feathers, or take a risk with neon-colored ones. Talk about edgy. 


Nicki Minaj tweeted earlier today that the video for her track “Super Bass” will premiere this Wednesday on BET’s 106&Park, a top-ten hip-hop music video show, similar to TRL. We all know what that means: more wigs.

In the video for “Your Love,” which has an oriental-vibe, Nicki wore a sleek, black wig with angular cuts and bangs as well as an up-do complete with chopsticks. Halfway through her performance, she surprises watchers by appearing in a short style with bangs that looks a little bit like those of Cruella Deville.

“Knock-Out,” a duet Minaj did with Lil’ Wayne, shows Nicki in a wig with three different colors: blonde, cotton candy blue, and pink. That doesn’t make me want to jam to your song, Nicki. It just makes me hungry.

Lastly, “Moment 4 Life,” a newer track which features Drake, opens with Nicki as a princess in a long, natural black wig. She later dons a similar pink one, staying true to her image as Barbie. I highly doubt that hair dye even existed in Cinderella’s time. Get your facts straight, Nicki.

What style or color will she rock in her latest video? I guess, the world will have to wait until Wednesday at 6:00 on channel 29 locally. Until then, brainstorm some ideas with People Magazine.

-Christina Sterbenz

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