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Winter break is coming soon, and it’s time to get friendly with public transportation again. Here are a few pieces of advice and information about the transportation systems here in Syracuse, for those who aren’t familiar with them yet.

Greyhound: I’m personally a Greyhound fan, as I’ve been with these guys since I was a freshman. Make sure to purchase the Student Advantage card in your freshman year if you know you’re going to be traveling a lot back and forth between home and Syracuse. I was stupid to wait to get it this year and didn’t know how awesome it is.

With the card, besides the obvious that it is much cheaper, you also get the benefits of getting the open tickets. This basically lets you get on the bus at any time for that day. If you get lucky and get the beastly buses like Trailways or the new Greyhound, you get more leg room, Wi-Fi and outlets. Also, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time so you get the good seats.

Megabus: As I already mentioned, I’m a Greyhound fan so I don’t really have much to say about Megabus. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I only rode it once. The reason why I prefer Greyhound is because it has more options for stopping points, like going directly to Port Authority in NYC. Megabus doesn’t really have a legit bus station, so it just drops you off at a random area. The bus is, however, rather clean, spacious and big. There’s also sometimes second floor seating, which I want to try. The deal with Megabus is that if you are lucky and purchase tickets at a certain time, you could get it starting from just a buck.

Amtrak: I  have actually traveled by Amtrak only twice, but from those experiences I can tell you that it is very nice and comfortable. The downside to the trains, though, is that most of the tickets are pretty pricey and takes a bit longer than the buses. But if you take the Amtrak, the bathrooms are so much cleaner than the bus, more spacious and relaxing.

Plane: Use Jetblue Airlines. ‘Nuff said.

-Ellie Sul

I have not left Syracuse since I came back for the fall semester in August, and I am ready to get the hell out of here–even if it is only for a few days. Although this longer Thanksgiving break came at the expense of not getting days off for religious holidays, I am thankful for the longer holiday. After going to the mall three times already this semester and heading to a football game, I have once again come to the realization that this town has absolutely nothing to offer for the city dweller that I am.

Thanks to Student Association for providing buses to the major cities along the East Coast. For those of us in this time zone not looking forward to the overcrowded Greyhound and Megabus, the convenience of hopping on a bus at Schine is better than spending 20 plus bucks for a cab or waiting for an unreliable Centro bus. As per usual, I will carry some reading material with me and not read a single page during my exodus from upstate New York.

I cannot wait to return to my hometown where I can choose from world class dining franchises, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp and TGI Friday’s in Times Square. I am looking forward to sophisticated homeless people who do not live on Marshall Street but rather call the A train home. Screw the Carousel Center, I will be free to shop from 59th Street all the way down to Soho. Ah, home here I come. Tourists, get the hell out of my way!

-Brysan Brown