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I’m not sure if¬†it’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation, but it sure as hell¬†should be.¬†¬†Those of you who are not “in the know” about campus golf,¬†sit for a second and I’ll teach you the basics.

The Old Course at St. Andrews.  Its beautiful.  Its historic.  Its...overrated.

The Old Course at St. Andrews. It's beautiful. It's historic. It's...overrated.

Campus golf is very similar to¬†“standard”¬†golf.¬† However, the one key difference is that, as the name suggests, it is played on school property.¬† So, instead of scratching up some serious¬†dough, throwing on¬†an old¬†polo and¬†some too-small¬†khaki pants, and finding a ride out to some local¬†country club where you (as a disheveled-looking, possibly hungover college student) don’t even feel welcomed, you simply grab some wedges and find a lawn.¬† No shoes?¬† No problem.¬† (Important note:¬†I discourage making the SU Quad your personal Carnoustie.¬† Somebody’s going to¬†wind up with¬†a beastly bruise, and you’ll¬†probably find yourself on the receiving end of litigation.¬†South Campus and its wide, open, mostly pedestrian-free¬†spaces are just a bus ride away.)


Shaking in their Spikes

Posted: February 27, 2009 by Michael Leess in POP - pop culture
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Dont worry Tiger, youll see her in a few days.

Don't worry Tiger, you'll see her in a few days.

After arthroscopic knee¬†surgery and months of rehab, Tiger Woods is back on the links this week at the¬†WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.¬† Let it be noted, first of all, that the eight-month sabbatical Woods took is well over¬†his¬†doctors’ original timeframe for recovery.¬† I can’t say I blame the guy for taking the extra time off, though.¬† Have you seen his wife?¬† I rest my case.

However, it’s¬†hard for me to say¬†that I’m excited to see him return to competition.¬† On one hand, he’s pretty much the Jesus of the golf world.¬† As a (very)¬†amateur golfer myself, and one who spends about 70 percent of my time¬†on the course cussing the ball,¬†my clubs, and my terrible luck,¬†I can appreciate how amazingly consistent Tiger is with a golf club in his hands.¬† Hell, he won this year’s US Open¬†in playoff holes and in¬†comeback fashion ‚Äď all on¬†one leg.