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Recently, HBO came out with a new series called GIRLS. My dad introduced me to it and lets just say its pretty much soft-core porn. However, I think the show is hilarious. These three girls are followed through their lives after college and they’re all friends. Sarcastic skits and whatever’s in Hannah’s journal at the time play out topics of boys, jobs, apartments, parents, and money.

The show also has an indie feel. Hannah gears in old fashioned floral printed dresses and reminds me of that hipster girl on campus. But I have to say my favorite part of the show is the music.

After the sixth episode, the Fleet Foxes track Montezuma was played, which put the whole episode over the top and filled the closing credits with some more indie vibes.

Great episode. Great song. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go check it out. Lucky me has HBOGO and can watch whenever I want.

-Brooke Leone

Ridley Scott and Jordan Scott from at Cracks Premiere at TIFF

Ridley Scott and Jordan Scott from at Cracks Premiere at TIFF

[This is Nigel Smith’s first movie review from the Toronto International Film Festival. You can read about his experience overall at]

Director Jordan Scott has both pros and cons working against her for her first feature length film, Cracks. On the plus side, Scott is daughter to visionary director Ridley Scott, who also footed a portion of the bill for the production’s costs through his production company Scott Free.

But with prestigious roots comes closer scrutiny and higher expectations among critics and industry watchdogs. The fact Scott (the daughter) manages to evade a disaster and churn out a thoroughly engaging film is a hopeful sign for a long career to come.

Set in an elite boarding school in 1930’s England, Cracks is a simmering Gothic tale centered on teacher Miss G’s (Eva Green) close relationship with her young female students.  Unlike the stuffy headmistresses that keep a tight rein on the girls, Miss G is portrayed by Green as a modern woman, intent on letting the girls come into their own without reservation.

But from the first frames an insidious tone is set through Miss G’s peering stares and unnerving sense of possession. The girls seem blind to her undisclosed intentions, but a new Spanish student, Fiamma, sees right through her, throwing Miss G off kilter.

Eva Green in Cracks from

Eva Green in Cracks from

For her first feature Scott shows admirable skill in setting mood and tone. The lush vistas surrounding the boarding school are breathtaking yet ominous. Through a foreboding score and measured pace established by Scott, the intents of Miss G are never spelled out, in an effort to keep the pervading mystery of the plot intact.

Scott sidesteps slightly in sequences where she employs excessive slow-mo, allowing the visuals to detract from an otherwise engrossing narrative. Thankfully her nimble young cast and Green’s seductive performance more than make up for the showy antics that get the best of Scott.

–Nigel Smith