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The washed up shows on VH1 haven’t gotten so much worse since I was a kid, but VH1 has become the ultimate TV station for pop addicts who want to relive their childhoods. This season, the worst is Celebrity Fit Club. I commend VH1 for getting Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson on the same season. I’ve only watched it once and the tension is horribly fabulous. The “stars” are just ridiculous:

1.Bobby Brown: I guess he hasn’t made enough money off of reality tv shows yet. But maybe he’s hoping that with being on VH1 his career will be on top again.He’s not even that obese. From my glimpse of this show, it seems more like a detox for him.

2. Shar Jackson: She’s known for Moesha, but I’m thinking most people know her as the girl that got screwed over by Kevin Federline. He was the one that made her big in the first place by cheating on her with Britney Spears. What makes this better is that she seems to still have a little thing for Federline.

3. Kevin Federline: In his bio it says he gained the weight because of depression, but honestly how can he be depressed? He got Britney knocked up, got her money, and fathered two of her kids. But maybe I’m seeing this all wrong. I remember hearing that he was packing on the pounds so he could be on this show in the first place, which I now understand if Shar signed the contract first.


"Real Girls"...Krystie and Molly getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in February of 1996.

"Real Girls"...Krystie and Molly getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in February of 1996.

I have officially decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day, after much thought and analysis, but I’m doing it up a little differently this year.

You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way—honor the love you share with your favorite family member or an old friend. It’s not a requirement that you be in a serious relationship or even in love to take part in this historically sexist holiday.

Instead of writing someone a mushy love note and buying a super cheesy box of chocolates, I want to take some time to write a different kind of love letter—a note to my best friend, Molly. I want to encourage people not to give in to the sucky, Valentine’s Day clichés decided by Hallmark, Hershey’s, and–find your own way of embracing love. Here’s mine:


And when I say Rory Gilmore, I don’t mean Alexis Bledel.

  • She secured a job at an online magazine on Barack Obama’s campaign trail
  • She sent out 75 resumes when looking for a job
  • She got into Harvard, then turned it down
  • She doesn’t need a boyfriend–she’s even more successful without Jess, Dean, or Logan
  • The entire town of Stars Hollow loves her so much they threw her a “Bon Voyage” party
  • We share a middle name (Loralei Lee Gilmore; Krystie Lee Yandoli)