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The “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban was officially terminated as of Sept. 20. What does that actually mean though? Just because it’s finally been repealed two decades later, doesn’t mean that it’s going to make all of the previous issues go away with a snap of some legislative fingers.

This policy, which openly discriminated against homosexuality, was initiated in 1993 by former President Bill Clinton as a compromise to the steadfast ban on gays in the military.

This was definitely a historic moment many individuals and groups had been working towards for quite a while, and I’m not trying to discount that by any means. The point that I think is extremely pertinent to the situation is that now there needs to be work done to implement policies preventing discrimination within the military. Yes, openly gay men and women may now join the military, but that does not guarantee acceptance, or civility, among their peers. There are still plenty of close-minded individuals in and out of the military.

A BBC News article regarding the topic included quotes from an interview with a female army major pointing out that the lack of anti-discrimination measures means “there’s no legal recourse” for denial of promotions or harassment “due to their sexuality.” Family support and healthcare benefits are also not guaranteed to homosexual couples. The potential for discrimination seems to be reason enough for many to stay “in the closet,” rather than face unequal treatment within the military.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong though. There is the possibility that those within the military that are accepting, or even just indifferent, of homosexuality will be a strong positive influence on others that are less accepting. Until we know the answer to that, at least this has helped some people to declare what they could not say before. A tip of the hat to those folks, including this guy.

-Erin Elzo

Gay Republicans…?!

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Unlike bigfoot, the Yeti and the bogeyman, it turns out that there are, in fact, gay Republicans. Why haven’t these strange beasts been eradicated by the Bible Wielding, fire and brimstone religious right? Is this even possible?

In fact, yes.

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, there was a booth that was host to GOProud, a gay Republican group that combines the spirit of GOP and Gay Pride (the proud part of the group name). (more…)