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Psy In All His Gangnam Glory

Posted: October 14, 2012 by jerkmagblog in BLARE -- music
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I am personally well aware of Psy, the latest South Korean pop sensation, because I am South Korean. I am also very surprised with how popular “Gangnam Style” has become. Usually, most Korean pop or “K-pop” musicians can only dream about breaking into the US music market.

So what is Gangnam style, you ask? “Gangnam Style” is supposed to symbolize how the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea, is considered to have the most rich and stylish people within Seoul. It’s somewhat parallel to Beverly Hills in California. In his music video, Psy pokes fun at himself, and how he considers himself to be rich while in tacky clothes rocking some strange dance moves.

No matter what message it’s supposed to send out, one can’t deny the electric beat the song presents. And we can’t forget about the wild dance! I’ve even had my friends ask me to teach them the dance or do the dance at parties. It amazes me how it’s even played on popular radio music stations and was number one on itunes. Oh, and by the way if you were wondering, Oppa means big brother. So give it a listen if you haven’t already. Even my dad can’t get enough of this track!

For more K-Pop, check out the billboard charts and have a listen.

– Sophia Kim

South Korean rapper Psy, is the latest sensation with his hit “Gangnam Style”. If you haven’t heard it yet, which I’m sure you probably have, you really should.

What I want to know, is where this man even came from. Within what seems like a few days, his hit has majorly skyrocketed, making him a household name in America.

Announced on July 15, Gangnam Style became an instant hit, which now has more than 42 million views on Youtube. The track even surpassed The Bieb’s new tune on August 21, 2012 when it officially charter No. 1 on the itunes Music Video Charts. This, as you may have guessed, has never been accomplished by a South Korean artist in the U.S.

Psy made a huge debut on the Today show a few weeks ago during the Toyota Concert Series. Not only did he bring fans from all over the country to New York City to see him perform, he also taught the cast of the Today Show how to dance the Gangnam Style.

Along with news updates and music videos, the fans are taking the song into their own hands and recreating the “Call Me Maybe” craze. Couples are dancing to the song at their weddings and posting videos of it on Youtube. Sailors are also dancing around their base. I don’t think there are as many videos as the lipcyncs to “Call Me Maybe”, but it’s getting there. No matter how insane this song is, people love it. I’m on the fence though. I mean, what is he even saying?

This ridiculous-upbeat-lets-make-our-own-videos-to-stupid-songs craze hasn’t stopped yet. The only question is, what song comes next

-Brooke Leone