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Over the last year, there has been much anticipation and speculation—much of it fueled by the Mother Monster herself—as to what fans can expect from Lady GaGa’s upcoming album Born This Way, slated for release on May 23. GaGa-loo has dubbed the new record her “greatest work to date,” tantalizing her fans into a frenzied excitement while also inviting the critical eye from the industry and press.
I must admit that I wasn’t sold after hearing “Born This Way” the single—I found it too literal and frankly not quite as catchy as some of her other monster hits a la “Bad Romance”, “Paparazzi”, and “Poker Face”. The track has grown on me though, and as the release of the album nears, I find myself excited for what’s still to come.
On Wednesday, March 2, GaGa made her runway-modeling debut at the Mugler fashion show in Paris, and accompanying the show was a preview track from her new album. The song, “Government Hooker”, is a brooding and exciting track with an infectious beat underscored by a deep bass structure. GaGa’s vocal style is more than moderately impressive; she attempts (and nails) a screeching vocal line that reminds one of her rock-infused roots. The track’s lyrics speak to the inherent political tones GaGa represents:
Government Hooker, heart to heart prayer,
She faked pulling the trigger, daddy mommy has made a crigger.
Put your hands on me, John F. Kennedy,
I’ll make you squeal baby.
In “Government Hooker”, GaGa does what she does best—marrying relevant political and cultural issues with her expertise in pop music production. While the Madonna influences are undeniable, the track does stand on its own as a GaGa creation. If “Government Hooker” is any indication of what we can expect from GaGa, Born This Way is shaping up to be the masterpiece it was promised to be.

–Nick Deyo