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The holidays are quickly approaching, and college students everywhere are trying to lose the weight they gained from Ramen, booze and Kimmel. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to go home and run into an ex being fifteen or so pounds heavier than the last time he or she saw you. So to help everyone who has gained the freshman 15–even those of you who aren’t freshmen–I’ve compiled a short little list of bizarre weight loss solutions you won’t find in the magazines to help you on your dieting journey.

The Color BLUE:

I know it sounds crazy, but it has been proven time and time again that blue isn’t just an awesomely bad Eiffel 65 song, but also a bizarre weight-loss solution. The color actually functions as a diet suppressant. I mean, when was the last time you saw the color blue in a fast food restaurant? The colors mostly associated with food, according to an Indiana University research study, are orange and yellow, while blue is said to be the least affective color for food promotion.

So, if you aren’t into diet pills, or whatever else the Kardashian family is endorsing these days, and you want to lose weight the natural way–along with exercise and proper diet–diet experts suggest supplementing the color blue into your eating habits. You can do this just by eating your food off a blue plate. If you’re really serious about you weight loss, some diet experts also suggest looking into a blue light for your refrigerator.

Also important to keep in mind: calories come in liquid form too. For tips on what Friday night drinks to avoid, click here.


Five years ago when I was in my freshman year of college, I was terrified at the thought of gaining the “freshman 15.” Weight-gain in college seemed inevitable: I was surrounded with greasy dining hall food, well-stocked vending machines and copious amounts of alcohol at every turn of the head.

Miraculously, my weight didn’t skyrocket during my freshman year. Naively, I assumed that it was due to my self-control (refusing dining hall burgers and fries on a daily basis is no small feat). But a recent study provides a counter-argument for my self-praise. According to, the freshman 15 is really more like the freshman 5.

What’s more, freshman weight-gain may not be college-related, but more a result of becoming a young adult. A recent article by NPR highlights the reasons why many people put on the pounds as they get older. Aging causes muscles to break down, which in turn causes calories to be burned at a slower rate. (Just one more thing to look forward to, right?)


Hey freshman girls, have you noticed a little extra flab since your meal plan kicked in? Are you worried that the dreaded Freshman 15 will show up from all those irresistible french fries? A new study suggests that those fries are not the only reason for your extra cushion. Your roommates or friends could be a factor as well.

Regardless of weight, your roommate’s eating habits influence your daily routine. Basically, if she is sitting on her ass eating Easy Mac instead of munching on a salad, there is a likelihood you will too.

Perhaps surprising, the study says that being around heavier people might be healthier for you, because college students with extra belly bulge are more likely to be on a diet or plan to exercise. However, other studies show that being around obese people increases your chances of gaining weight.

Moral: Be unabashedly judgmental of your friends’ bodies.

~Nicole Fisher