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Being back at home after three months of ‘Cuse college life is quite the adjustment to say the least. Not only is home starting to not feel like home anymore, but doing activities and going to places that once felt normal are starting to feel, well, really weird.

Here is a list of the top five things most freshies are probably having a hard time adjusting to while being under the same roof as their rents:

  1. No more late night campus food delivery. For me, this is a good thing since the majority of that stuff is garbage anyways–and now that I’m home, I’m not tempted to indulge in late night calorie binging. (-1 for the freshmen fifteen.)
  2. Driving a car. Make sure you take it slow the first time because I guarantee you’re not as good of a driver as you were three months ago.
  3. Eating actual good food. Whether it’s home cooked food you’ve been craving or your favorite restaurant dish, savor the meals you have at home because it’s a billion times better than Ernie Davis even on a good day.
  4. Being productive. I’ve found that even my laziest days at home are more productive than any weekend I’ve had at ‘Cuse. Our fragile bodies might not be used to running errands and eating three meals in one day so you might want to take it easy every once in a while i.e. NAP.
  5. Doing whatever the fuck you want (or don’t want). This is the beauty of college and most of us don’t have this same luxury at home. Remember that.

But, be nice to your parents because they want you to succeed. (Oh, and they’re paying a fortune for you to go to school on top of that.)

-Fresh Meat