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Ummm... No comment

I always thought the word ‘foodgasm’ was to be taken figuratively.
Gabi Jones has forever changed the way I’ll think of the term. This Colorado woman literally orgasms from eating large amounts of junk food. Apparently, she has a condition called persistent genital arousal disorder, which causes spontaneous and uncontrollable genital arousal unrelated to sexual desire. In her case, it’s junk food.
The first time she experienced an orgasm whilst eating, she was a teenager in an ice cream parlor. She “felt a tingle starting down below. The pressure kept building until suddenly it swept through [her] body.” She began to feel “light-headed and flushed.”

The intense pleasure Jones receives from food has brought her to her current weight of 490 pounds. Alas, her curse – or good fortune, depending on how one looks at the situation – has not gone wasted. Jones runs a website ( on which she uploads videos of her getting off on cookies and ice cream and the like.

For only $20 a month, you too could watch Gabi Jones eat herself to climax.

– Maisha Shahid