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Double feature right here, folks.

To introduce the new weekly column – JERK THIS – I decided to mix it with Song of the Week for this.. well .. week.

What you can expect from JERK THIS is letters in bold and the latest happenings around the Syracuse area – so you’ll care about this if you’re stuck here over the summer and need something to do. Like me. I’m stuck here. So I care about this column already. Right-o.

The line up for KROCK’s Dysfunctional BBQ was released awhile ago but I actually just caught wind of it. It so happens that Flogging Molly is going to be headlining this year and that is awesome. I’ve been a FM for a long, long time and have never had the chance to see them – now I’m stuck in ‘cuse for the Summer and they are gonna be right in my back yard. So on it.

There’s going to be seven other bands at the BBQ this year, to be honest, I’ve never heard of any of them. But maybe you have and maybe you love them, that’s great. But I haven’t and I don’t care – I still plan on going and checking out FM. Tickets are a mere $21 so its well worth it.

Full band list and ticketing info is listed below.

Flogging Molly
12 Stones
Dirty Heads
The Dreaming
Weaving the Fate
Cry to the Blind 

May 27th at Chevy Court at the New York State Fairgrounds. Gates open at 11AM – Purchase Tickets Here! Other ticketing options are available.


Outside Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub, there stand two red phone booths – one regular, and one leprechaun-size. You’ll also find a door just for leprechauns to the right of the main entrance.

Leprechauns are people too...

Leprechauns are people too...

Still not convinced on the “authentic” claim? Step inside, and you’ll find yourself instantly transported to the other side of the pond. The pub boasts intricately etched glass windows at every corner, dark wood furnishings, and more Celtic decorations than you’ve ever seen – and I mean that in a good way. Add some Flogging Molly in the background and it all comes together to give this place the cozy, friendly feel you can only get from your favorite pub (Ah, The Victory, I remember it well).

You’ll find Guinness on tap, of course, along with Smithwick’s, Harp Lager, Killian’s, and Coleman’s infamous green beer. Yup, it’s really green. How Irish can you get?

Here are the stats on my favorite Irish brews before the celebration of beer begins.

Guinness: Black silk in a glass. This is the king of Irish beers and not for the faint-hearted. It’s almost a meal in itself, so try one or two pints with the beef stew or another lighter meal. What the heck, order the corned beef and cabbage – I’m willing to bet it’s the best you’ll get this side of Dublin. (more…)