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In late February, the Philidelphia Eagles made the decision to let safety Brian Dawkins sign with the Denver Broncos.  Very few of the city’s football fans were happy to see Dawkins go, as he was a fan favorite and often considered one of the key elements of the Eagles’ defense.  I’m sure that relatively innocent moans and groans of malcontent could be heard at water coolers and watering holes across the city.  But according to the Philadelphia Inquirer and subsequently, one fan’s comments on his Facebook status cost him his job.

The Facebook page of Dan Leone, a Philly resident who obviously has a love/hate relationship with the city’s NFL team, displayed proudly that, “Dan is f***ing devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver…Dam Eagles R Retarded!!”  Days later, our man Dan got a phone call from his boss letting him know that his services would no longer be needed.  The string that ties all of this together?  (You’re on the edge of your seat, I can tell.)  Leone was an Eagles stadium operations employee.


The Daily Mail Online reports that a 16-year-old Essex girl was fired for complaining about her job on Facebook.

“But while other 16-year-olds might have confided in friends and family about the filing, stapling and hole-punching, she decided to let off steam by posting comments on social networking website Facebook,” the article reports. Yes, other 16-year-olds that lived six years ago may have complained to friends and family. I’d like to welcome you to 2009, Daily Mail. We have the internet on phones now!

So just what kind of graphic, expletive-ridden smut was she spewing about her employer?

“first day at work,” she posted. “omg!! So dull!!’

The horror continues: