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This song (as well as the rest of “So Flows the Current”) is perfect for pre-finals week. It’s harder for me to concentrate when I listen to songs with lyrics, as I get distracted very easily. This is just the ideal song to get lost in as you perfect that final paper or project you’ve been working on for days…or pulling an all-nighter for.

-Vania Myers


Posted: May 7, 2010 by Katie in VAULT -- archives
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This is for all you terrific SU students who made it through finals week. Bravo!

Do you ever think to yourself, “Wow, I could really use a day off?” Well I’ve been thinking that a lot lately and with finals approaching, I figured the feeling was mutual. So to brighten our spirits, I decided to write about the kid who had such a thrilling, fun-filled day off that it could only happen in the movies: Mr. Ferris Bueller.

A classic.

A classic.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of those movies that you truly wish would happen in real life. In fact, I went through high school dreaming a stud like the young Matthew Broderick would come pretend that my grandmother died and bust me out of school. Unfortunately, that never happened. My sister busted me out of school once, but it wasn’t quite the same (still cool though – thanks Kate). (more…)