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Feces go great with diamonds

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For most guys, the nerve-racking part of a proposal is the possibility of a ‘NO’ in response to those much-anticipated four words. For John Iverson, the real anxiety began after he heard the response he was hoping for from his now-fiancé. He dropped the wedding band that went with the engagement ring…in the sewer.
It was Valentine’s Day and Iverson was with his girlfriend on the streets of Denver, where he’d planned to pop the question. After she said yes, he gave her the engagement ring, but managed to drop a wedding band – an heirloom of the bride-to-be’s family – into a grate leading to the sewer.  The Denver fire department had to be called. Forty-five minutes passed before the ring was salvaged from deep beneath the city’s streets.
It should be noted that John Iverson offered to clean the ring before putting it on his fiancé’s finger. What a gentleman.

– Maisha Shahid