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Dressing for the Rain

Posted: December 14, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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At this point, I don’t think anyone would disagree with me that all rain sucks.  Sandy, you bad, bad girl.  Even without Sandy though, it seems like this has been an unreasonably rainy winter.  I personally blame global warming, and if that’s really the case, we’re all screwed.  Either way, I’m here to tell you how to look good on the rainiest of days because you can’t come to Syracuse expecting sunshine and rainbows. And if you do, you don’t even go here.

First off, wear color!  Rainy days honestly make me so depressed as it is, so if not for yourself, do it for me. I’m kidding. But really, wear color. All it takes is something as simple as a colored scarf/bag/shoes, whatever.

I’m not too big a fan of raincoats.  Yea, they get the job done and should be worn to sporting events and stuff like that, but if your just going to class, I suggest a trench coat instead.

So now you have your pop of color, your trench coat, and last but not least, the ultimate rainy day accessory: the umbrella. Besides the fact that they protect your hair (hey ladies), they’ll keep the majority of the rest of your body dry too.  This is always good, because I hate feeling like a soggy wet dog in class. With so many affordable umbrellas out there, don’t be that girl spending $200 on a designer one. That is beyond unnecessary, especially if you’re anything like me and lose them everywhere.

I suggest looking into the bubble umbrellas.  At first, I literally thought they were the ugliest things ever, but in Syracuse, they are necessary.  If not, you have to hold regular umbrellas at this awkward ankle so the wind doesn’t make them turn inside out (trust me its happened multiple times).  At first bubble umbrellas were just all clear; however, now they make them with patterns and colors.

You also can’t forget to wear rain boots. I can’t even tell you how many times I see people wearing moccasins to class when it’s torrential down-pouring. It may not sound like a big deal, but imagine sitting in class with wet socks for two hours. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

They might not be the most attractive things in the world, but it’s better to wear them than have to sit there smelling like wet feet. I’d give you a suggestion of a brand I love, but I know most of you that read this just buy everything else your peer group does.  So, just buy the Hunter’s and call it a day.

Rainy days don’t mean yoga pants and a hoodie. Class it up.

-Lauren Levine

Recently flipping through my stack of fashion magazines I began to question more pages than not.  Now obviously for any slave of fashion, September is the God of all months.  It rules the fashion world, it forecasts the trends for the year and basically sets the tone for every designer out there.  This month can make you wildly famous or basically kick you to the curb and ruin you forever as a designer.

One of the first magazines to have their September issue out is “Glamour”.  And as I’m flipping through the pages I found some trends that seemed debatable.

For example, number eight on their Top 10 Glamour Dos and Don’ts list is a picture of Rihanna in a pink accordion pleaded skirt with a sheer lace bandeau and converse.  The title: “Going Totally Sheer in Public.  Do? Don’t? Discuss!”.  Honestly is that even up for debate?  I’m pretty sure a nip slip is completely inappropriate so why would ‘going sheer’ in public even be a question.

Then there is trend number six of fall fashion: collars.  And no this doesn’t mean oxford button downs or or a cute polo.  It literally just means a collar that you wear over your sweater or shirt.  Styles range from a Graziano pearl collar to Marc Jacobs metal and chain collar.  Even crocheted and studded ones exist.  I just don’t understand how this makes your outfit look chic or why you would wear something that resembles the fashion version of a dog collar.

Another trend that has trickled down to the mainstream: hair jewels.  I mean its great for a runway show.  But when you try to wear a claw of jewels on your head it just doesn’t work for everyday style.  At all.  Just because all the sparkling broaches clipped in an updo and gold chain wrapped buns are screaming ‘BUY ME’ doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t follow a trend that isn’t following you.

-Sara Freund

Fall Couture Shows 2012

Posted: July 18, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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July 5th was the final day of the Fall Couture shows in Paris. The extraordinary visuals and glittering gowns grab worldly attention twice a year. Couture is an opportunity for designers push the limits and show their bravado. Among the numerous shows, by far the greatest hits are from Versace, Bouchra Jarrar, Giambattista Valli and Chanel.

Versace’s gowns are breathtaking, ethereal and every girl’s dream. The overall concept was taken from the design of tarot cards. Models float down the runway in waves of fabric trailing behind them. Donatella’s touch is soft but also dramatic in her color palette.

Bourchra Jarrar’s collection did not resemble haute couture in the typical sense. Her collection was mostly ready to wear though the clear vision and perfect cut is getting this young designer some attention. Showing ready to wear designs so early is a smart way to have the full attention of press and buyers before the madness begins in September.

If you were hoping to see more avante guarde fashion, then you’ll love Giambattista Valli’s couture collection. Deep reds and emeralds combined with high collars and dramatic silhouettes are perfectly romantic for fall. His inspiration came from Monet—think floral and water lilies with a powerfully enchanting charm.

And then there is Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has a way of keeping Chanel’s classic elegance in tact even as he explores the present. His couture collection is best described as ‘new vintage’. The collection was a combination of classic Chanel tweed suits, coatdresses, and dreamy chiffon tulle gowns in stormy grays and pinks. Lagerfeld declared the tweed fabric he used was all embroidered—taking over three thousand hours of work!

-Sara Freund

68 collections spanning out over a course of what seemed like endless days and the Resort Collection shows of 2012 are over.  It looks like this is the season of pushing high expectations even higher.  This season’s silhouettes, color combinations, accessories, and prints are pushed to the next level.  Vogue has deemed fall to be the peak of hyperfashion.  Exaggerated, electric, and magnified even simple silhouettes are pushed to the limit.  Designers are sending the message to take bold risks, go big or go home.

In numerous collections playing up dramatic silhouettes was key.  Marc Jacobs while using bright neon patterns and florals his designs look like an Andy Warhol painting.  He also accented a wide hip in many of his silhouettes, a huge trend among other designers as well.

Florals were also a huge hit with designers Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, and Yves Saint Laurent.  From structured high-rise crochet detailed shorts to long billowed watercolor dresses—the playful floral print is taking center stage.

Many collections also got the pink punch—from pale rose to Schiap shocking it was everywhere.  Designers Celine, Reem Acra, and Bottega Veneta featured the color in their bright bold collections.

Alexander Wang, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen went off in an opposite direction.  Usually when thinking resort many designers fall into the breezy trap of tropical florals but Wang, Kors, and McQueen came out with bold fabrics and sleek lines.  Both collections looked as if they were inspired by scuba gear with sports mesh tank dresses, athletic cut jackets, croc patterns, neon wet-suit seamed dresses and leather hip bags.

Among the dramatic silhouettes, floral patterns, neons, pinks and tropic themes the Olsen twin’s The Row took a classic sailor Brenton strip as their inspiration.  Out of all the wild trends going on right now, the Olsen twins over-sized Brenton stripe t-shirt dress sailed away with some the best ready to wear designs.

-Sara Freund

In a previous article I wrote about the Met Gala 2012 I discussed the exhibit featuring Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.  The buzz continues around the exhibit and especially Schiap.  However, I wrote that article without fully understanding the fashion world’s innate attraction to this designer.

In an age where someone’s fifteen minutes of fame now only lasts fifteen seconds, I kept asking myself what was so important about this woman.  After reading everything I could Google about Schiap, it turns out she’s what Steve Jobs is to technology.  She’s what Starbucks is to coffee, what Picasso is to painting.  You can’t talk about fashion without referencing her.

What is so interesting about this woman is that for the first time she merged the idea of fashion and art.  In the height of the surrealist movement she found her inspiration in artists such as Man Ray and Salvador Dali.  Her rival, Coco Chanel, often referred to her as ‘that Italian artist who makes clothes’.  Her shocking pink, tear dress and shoe hat are only a few of her most famous designs.

By the end of 1954 Schiap closed the doors to her fashion house.  However Schiap is now on contemporary fashion’s radar once again.  Diego Della Valle purchased the brand in 2007 and plans to relaunch it in February 2013.  A head designer has still not been named but the Schiaparelli salon in Paris opened the first week in July.  The quirky elegant boutique is filled with bright colors, unusual furniture, art packed rooms, and chandeliers.  Basically, a fashion house on acid.  If this salon is a reflection of the type of clothes that will be coming out, I can’t wait to be happily surprised.

-Sara Freund

Swimming In Style

Posted: July 4, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style, VAULT -- archives
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No. I’m not going to teach you how to swim, but I will show you how to look stylish while doing it.  The swimsuit is the unofficial uniform of the summer so I’m here to help you sift through all the options.  There are so many styles it’s hard to know where to begin.  Are you a beachy surf print girl? Maybe a sleek one piece fits your style… or perhaps even a gold bikini peaks your interest?  Regardless, let’s dive in.

Clean cut lines and dramatic colors create a sophisticated modern look.  Try this bikini from ASOS.  High-rise bottoms are also a trend that’s getting more attention especially after this season’s runway shows.  Designers like Mara Hoffman and Diane Von Furstenburg recent collections features many high-waist pieces.

Bringing back memories from my 90’s childhood, the beach scene print bikini is back.  For me, this trend is dated but that could be because I live in a tourist infested beach town and see this pattern a little too much.  However, Diesel’s take on this print is a little more badass Hawaii Five-O so I’m down.

Itsy-bitsy string bikini is trending in vibrant patterns, tickled pinks, and gold lamés.  While some of you might be inspired enough to go for the gold, I think I’ll stick to bold prints.  One of my favorites from this season is CiaMaritima’s snakeskin print string bikini.

-Sara Freund

White Hot Summer

Posted: June 22, 2012 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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It’s summer.  And I don’t exactly remember what that stupid Labor Day rule says but I’m pretty sure I can wear white whenever I want.  However, there is just something about white jeans that scream summer.  Summer white is hard to do right, especially if you don’t want to look like you just walked off the tennis court.  Here’s a list to help you stay summertime chic.

1. Normally I hate white sunglasses.  Nothing makes you look like a redneck NASCAR fan faster than a pair of white shades.  But these ivory sunglasses by Chloe feel wonderfully vintage and perfect for summer.  A tad expensive, but a girl can dream right?

2. Crochet is also a huge trend right now.  However, there is a fine line between pretty and grandma so be careful.  Continuing with my vintage theme this white crochet tank from UO is a great way to hit two trends with one stone.

3. White jeans are another summer chic necessity.  However, I hate wearing jeans… especially in summer.  So if you’re scared of white overload (or just don’t like jeans in general) then opt for a classic cut pair of white shorts.

4. Shoes are my weakness.  And not just any shoes—Aldo.  These white baseball stitching stilettos (number seven on the list) are charming enough to wear for night or day.

5. As for your nails, Easter colors are widely popular this summer.  I find white nailpolish to be a little distracting but an ivory or cream color will look stylish.  This color called ‘Tennis Corset’ is the perfect light color for summer, with a little hint of gold for shimmer.

-Sara Freund