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I’ve never been much a fan of sneakers.  Other than wearing them to the gym, along with the occasional times I break out my converse, I much prefer boots and flats.  I just think that sneakers of any kind make me look frumpy. However, with the snowy weather of Syracuse, I find that my flats and boots just don’t have the same traction as sneakers, which is why I sometimes end up face-first on the ground. Whoops!

So to protect my money-maker, I decided that I need to find an alternative. I started researching trendy sneaks, and actually found tons of cool, funky pairs that would look fabulous if paired with my everyday outfits.

My favorite designer sneakers include Michael Kors, Miu Miu, and Jeffery Campbell. Whether high tops or low tops, they really are fashionable, and can be worn with basically anything.

These three designers offer sneakers with studs and glitter, two of my favorite things!  I love the styles with studs for an edgier look, paired with jeans and a rocker tee.  This season, high top wedge sneakers have also been a huge fashion trend with celebrities from Beyonce to Gisele Bundchen.  Most designers offer these styles, and although it was first questioned if they were a fashion do or don’t, I think it’s safe to say they are most certainly a ‘do.’  In fact, most people say the wedge sneakers are just as comfy as regular sneakers!  I wouldn’t go trying to run a marathon in them, but they definitely are tomboy chic. So strut your sneaks, and be proud that you do!

– Lauren Levine