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Hey Jerks! This week’s ‘Artist You Should Know’ is Sun Airway, a melodic synth band orchestrated by John Barthmus (formerly of the A-sides). They just released their newest album, ‘Soft Fall’, early last week. In line with the album title, it’s the perfect soundtrack to your fall.

Barthmus ruminates on the title track for the album:

“…the song soft fall is meant to most literally describe the universe that the rest of the album exists in. People floating around, disappearing and reappearing, melting down into liquids, fading in and out of focus.”

The description reflects Sun Airway’s sound in general – ethereal, dreamy synth cut through with unexpected elements like nostalgic lyrics and full string arrangements. Not all of ‘Soft Fall’ is in dreamland, though. The single “Close” is lyric-heavy and drum driven, with a few lines poking fun at teenage poetry. Definitely worth checking out!

– Mikala Stubley