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For most people who have traveled within and around Europe, Ryanair is synonymous with cheap flights. Now, it may add pay-per-view porn to its in-flight repertoire, furthering its notoriety for developing “different” kinds of commercial ventures.

Melissa Locker summed up the idea by Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary best in her TIME article: “Yes, the company that charges customers to check-in online and at the airport, may now be helping customers join the Mile High Club from the comfort of their seats.”

O’Leary originally released a statement about the new “service” to the British tabloid The Sun. He explained that the porn would be available “on handheld devices” instead of the typical viewing options for other entertainment services on the screens placed on seat backs. He compared the service to those offered by hotels. However, concern has been raised over the public nature of viewing such kinds of films during a flight where children might be present.


In the past five years, Abercrombie has been focused on overseas expansion. The specialty retailer is attempting to create an international presence comparable to its U.S. glory days.

In May, the company opened their first Parisian store on an enormous property on the Champs-Elysées. The opening was a huge spectacle marked by the presence of 100 shirtless male models (talk about brand identity). The entrance into the French market was expected to be incredibly lucrative and successful for the company. They are well-located and are banking on the renown and high traffic on the Champs to meet their margins.