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The Kardashians need to go away. From shoes and jewelry to Sketcher’s Shape Ups and diet pills, the Kardashian name appears to be smacked onto any and every product nowadays. The question is why? Aside from their ability to look pretty and get endorsements, they haven’t contributed much else to the world. In fact, I did some searching to find out what exactly they have their names attached to and here is what I discovered.

Kim Kardashian has an at-home laser hair removal product called Tria Beauty, the family has their own self tanner called Kardashian Glamour Tan, and money loving Kim even endorsed Charmin at their Times Square public bathroom opening. Enough already!

The next step on their conquest of every product ever sold, is a collection called Kardashian Kolors Nicole for OPI. The colors are exceptionally ordinary, but with names like “Listen to your Momager!” and “Follow Me on Glitter,” you know tons of poor celebrity hungry people are going to feed into this. Newsflash to all of you thinking their taupe color is “original,” it’s been out for years. Not to mention their glittery lacquers are just tacky. Please, don’t play into these celebrity products; they definitely don’t need the extra money.

-Victoria Troxler