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So you like to eat, right? Yeah me too. Foods good. Since we’ve established you like food, you’re stuck in ‘cuse and need something to do this coming weekend, you should probably head down to Clinton Square and check out Taste of Syracuse. It’s happening this Friday and Saturday from 11am til 11pm both days, oh, and it’s free – to get in and do things, I’m sure you’ll have to pay for food. There is going to be three stages with an assload of bands playing too. I did my best to find out some info on some of them, but it wasn’t easy. It seems like it’s mostly local bands you’d find playing at Empire Brewing – except for .38 Special, that’s the big draw.

Some of the other bands are:
The Goonies
Hobo Graffiti
Dead End
Three Inch Fury
…and more 

Maybe the music isn’t your thing, that’s cool, there’s other stuff to do as well. You can check out the Watkins Glen show cars, take a spin in one of the car simulators, or play a friendly game of cornhole.

For more information check out the Taste of Syracuse webpage which is conveniently linked here.

If none of that tickles your fancy, you can always check out the Dairy Goat Breeders Annual Show at the fairgrounds…


Syracuse Downtown Dining Week Extended

Posted: February 21, 2009 by kmahern in Uncategorized
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Valentine’s Day may be over, but there’s a sweet deal going on in Syracuse. Downtown Dining Week, which launched Monday, is an annual event in which 17 local restaurants serve up three-course meals at a fixed price of $25 per person. To make it even sweeter (but really because our economy sucks and restaurants could use the boost), they’ve decided to extend the weeklong event through the end of February. Think of it as a mini stimulus package that involves delicious food instead of bi-partisanship drama.

Although a $25 meal doesn’t exactly qualify as budget conscious for the average student, it’s a good excuse to break your M-Street addiction and dine in some atmosphere for a change. All of the participating restaurants are locally and independently owned and offer unique dishes you won’t find in the chain restaurants on Erie. Some of the higher-end restaurants featured include Lemon Grass Grille, L’Adour, Pascale Wine Bar and Restaurant, and bc Restaurant.

Since L’Adour’s regular fixed-price menu rings up at $54 per person, it definitely takes the prize for best deal. But if you’re looking for something with a more relaxed atmosphere, try Empire Brewing Company in Armory Square. You’ll get the added bonus of a free pint of empire beer, glass of house wine, or pint of soda (for all you kiddies). Lemon Grass also deserves some brownie points for offering $5 off select bottles of wine. I suggest the filet mignon with mushrooms along with any of their featured reds. If you’re venturing there this weekend though, be sure to make reservations – judging by the turnout Tuesday night, you’ll need them. (more…)