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In the past five years, Abercrombie has been focused on overseas expansion. The specialty retailer is attempting to create an international presence comparable to its U.S. glory days.

In May, the company opened their first Parisian store on an enormous property on the Champs-Elysées. The opening was a huge spectacle marked by the presence of 100 shirtless male models (talk about brand identity). The entrance into the French market was expected to be incredibly lucrative and successful for the company. They are well-located and are banking on the renown and high traffic on the Champs to meet their margins.


Growing College Costs

Posted: October 24, 2008 by jerkmag in Uncategorized
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Jose Martinez

According to the Census Bureau, the average college graduate earns $1 million more than the average high school graduate throughout their working life. Knowing this fact begs the question as to why more people are not attending college? The answer, for the most part, is simply because people cannot afford to pay for the cost of college today. Due to the financial restrictions that many families face, it appears as though it is becoming a privilege to attend college. This should not be the case, and with no halt in college costs coming in the foreseeable future, the government needs to step in and help solve this growing problem.