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To be honest I don’t think anyone knows what this holiday is, but at ‘cuse it’s another day dedicated to drinking.  I had to Google what the holiday actually celebrated and it turns out it is celebrating some victory Mexico had way back in the 1800’s.  Wikipedia told me specifically not to confuse Cinco De Mayo with Mexico’s independence day… so for all of you who were confused I hope that clears it up.

In honor of this fabulous day drinking holiday I’ve decided to pick out my favorite Mexican inspired clothing and accessories.  Perhaps you’ll want to deck yourself out in a bright colored poncho—but if not check out these:

Uno: Tequila.  Obviously this isn’t an accessory but let’s be real, it’s the most important part of Cinco De Mayo.  If you want to celebrate Cinco De Mayo properly you better have a lime in one hand and a Patron shot in the other.

Dos: From Top Shop, I am seriously in love with these shorts.  This summer high waist jean shorts are still highly popular.  A lot of stores are also beginning to carry Aztec themed apparel, which is another style really popular for summer.  So hit two trends with these shorts and look hot for Cinco De Mayo.

Tres: Mara Hoffman is one of my favorite designers.  Her new line of bathing suits and resort wear is perfect for your Mexican soiree.  Whether your partying on the lawn of some frat or laying out on a beach, this bikini will be one sweet way to bring in summer.

Cuatro: I’m usually a minimalist when it comes to jewelry but I love these earrings from Vanessa Mooney.  It is such a statement piece and will totally add dimension to your outfit.  I love the beading and faux stones.  Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, and this necklace is a cheap way to transform your outfit.

Cinco: And lastly one of my favorite dresses from Shop Bop.  The pattern on this dress is subtly Mexican inspired with a twist of techno.  One way many designers made the Aztec pattern popular again was by using neon colors giving the clothes a rave party vibe.  This dress is perfect because you can dress it up or down while still looking fabulous.

-Sara Freund

The reasons just keep on coming. Why we shouldn’t eat this or we shouldn’t do that. When it comes to drinks like red wine, it seems as though there are generally more reasons to have a glass a day than not as you get older.

However, a new study has shown that even red wine didn’t make the cut in terms of having a positive impact on women’s health. It is reported that even having “as few as three drinks a week” can cause women to have “an elevated risk of breast cancer.” Well, that sucks.

For the majority of us females, that means our time in college has, or is, increasing our risk of breast cancer. Part of me hopes that this is just another item to tack onto the list of potential causes of cancer or risks of cancer, but another part worries that I’ve helped sign my own fate.

We make jokes about how studies have found yet another thing in our lives could potentially lead to cancer, but how are we to know which are actually going to affect us. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, does that mean we can laugh it off?

Even with all of these studies, it doesn’t seem as though it is going to do much to change the general female population’s mind on having a few drinks every week, in moderation or not. It’s every woman for herself, but at least the information is out there. For me, this won’t change my personal views on drinking, but maybe it’ll be life-changing for someone else. Cheers to those women.

-Erin Elzo

Zac does abroad, pt. 2

Posted: March 1, 2008 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Editor’s note: In Zac’s last entry, he saw the anti-Christ in McDonald’s deli sandwiches. Such is London. Here is part 2 of 2 of Zac’s intro to the foggy city.

The Brits are incredibly polite, almost to a fault. They drop the word “Cheers” like Chancy Nancy drops the word “diversity.” But they’re not afraid to get very personal very quickly. I once had a complete stranger come up to me in a bar and tell me that, from a distance, I looked like a wanker in my British cap. Wanker is a British term for masturbator.

The best part of London is the drinking age, 18 years old. The drinking culture here is well-established. A pub stands on nearly every street corner, and clubs require attendees to dress nicely. I’m talking heels and blouses for the girls, dark jeans or slacks and button down shirts for guys. Hats are absolutely NOT allowed.

But the key to living in London is not getting tied down to the drinking scene or to the American fast food chains. You can get that stuff back in the States. The trick is experiencing the uniquely British or European aspects of the city. Between the museums, the tiny shops and cafes, and the ethnic neighborhoods, there’s something exciting to do everyday. I’ll tell you more about these places and other stuff in future posts.

~Zac Cummings

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