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A Shattered Beauty

Posted: March 12, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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I’m sure you have all heard of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. This is a short film that really touches on the confidence issues that face young girls everyday. Whether they don’t like their legs, feel too fat, or to skinny, they believe that they’ll never be perfect enough. A big reason why girls are suffering from confidence and self esteem issues today more than ever before is largely due to the media and the way woman are portrayed in television and magazines. The media does NOT portray women the way they look in real life. Hint Hint: Photoshop creates these mannequins with perfect hair, full lips, and a killer bod. Most importantly, beauty doesn’t come in one shape or form. Next time you flip through the pages of Vogue or Elle, please remember that. To all my readers, stay beautiful.

–Jeanine Guzman