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Ashley Hebert is having some issues finding love this season on the “Bachelorette,” as she is still caught up on a man who left the show because he A. wasn’t into her, and B. only wanted his 15 minutes of fame before finally calling it quits. So why is she still hung up on this guy when she has more than a handful of sexy bachelors fighting for her attention? Well, because bad boy Bentley gave her a “dot dot dot” as he left the show, which only got the girl’s hopes up.

So now, we have a bachelorette who has her pick at some of the best looking guys the show has ever seen, but is still in “love” with a guy who could not give two shits about her. After seeing this story unfold, I was reminded of the many Bentley-esque bros we have on our campus. One can typically find them wearing Greek letters and backwards hats. The only difference between Bentley and our bros though, is that Bentley was tall, built and good looking. Ladies, when was the last time you saw a guy on our campus that was tall and had the good looks to match, or even just tall?


If rumors are to be believed, then Matt Lauer is a classic example of a douchebag. Just one day after co-host Meredith Vieira announced that she is seriously considering leaving The Today Show once her contract is up, a report surfaced saying that Lauer would also be departing the show at the end of his contract in Dec. 2012.

During his tenure with the show, the anchor’s name has become synonymous with The Today Show name, giving him a significant amount of power within NBC News. TMZ is now reporting that Lauer is using that control to its highest advantage. Contrary to early reports, Lauer is not looking to leave The Today Show at all.

Instead, the rumors of his departure were planted as a seed designed to get into the minds of NBC executives and pressure them into giving him a raise upon renewal of his contract. Lauer currently receives $17 million/year, but is looking to ask for up to $25 million/year.

Clearly, having been in the business for 15 years has taught Lauer a thing or two about the rules of the game. He is certainly looking to make bank on the fame and success that The Today Show has given him over the years.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

-Dee Lockett