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Itd been a pleasure, all the best.

It'd been a pleasure. All the best, man.

It’s the end of the 2009 NCAA basketballĀ season and the prematureĀ loss of Jonny Flynn, Eric Devendorf, and Paul Harris to the NBA DraftĀ is imminent.Ā  All three wereĀ starters andĀ cornerstones of the team.Ā  Flynn, especially, was its heart and soul, and Jim Boeheim will be hard-pressed to replace such a prolific, durable, and amicable player.Ā  I won’t go into details, because even if you didn’t SEE Jonny Flynn andĀ company inĀ the six-overtimeĀ NCAA Tournament game against UConn, you heard about it ā€“ andĀ you’re wearing the “Marathon Men” t-shirt anyway.

As Orangemen and Orangewomen, we’ve seen our fair share of basketballĀ stars come and go recently.Ā  Remember Donte’ Green?Ā  I generallyĀ don’t, except for a ton ofĀ ill-advised three-point attempts and a diamond-like hand gesture he’d make to the crowd.Ā  What was it…”Dynasty”?Ā Yeah, Donte’, you sure created a dynasty.Ā  One year of college and you jumped ship, leaving a Dome full of heartbroken fans.Ā  …Not the kind of dynasty I’d want to be a part of… (more…)