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Itd been a pleasure, all the best.

It'd been a pleasure. All the best, man.

It’s the end of the 2009 NCAA basketball¬†season and the premature¬†loss of Jonny Flynn, Eric Devendorf, and Paul Harris to the NBA Draft¬†is imminent.¬† All three were¬†starters and¬†cornerstones of the team.¬† Flynn, especially, was its heart and soul, and Jim Boeheim will be hard-pressed to replace such a prolific, durable, and amicable player.¬† I won’t go into details, because even if you didn’t SEE Jonny Flynn and¬†company in¬†the six-overtime¬†NCAA Tournament game against UConn, you heard about it ‚Äď and¬†you’re wearing the “Marathon Men” t-shirt anyway.

As Orangemen and Orangewomen, we’ve seen our fair share of basketball¬†stars come and go recently.¬† Remember Donte’ Green?¬† I generally¬†don’t, except for a ton of¬†ill-advised three-point attempts and a diamond-like hand gesture he’d make to the crowd.¬† What was it…”Dynasty”?¬†Yeah, Donte’, you sure created a dynasty.¬† One year of college and you jumped ship, leaving a Dome full of heartbroken fans.¬† …Not the kind of dynasty I’d want to be a part of… (more…)