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So Dave has been around for several years and most of the people I know love him (if you don’t, well… I don’t know what to do with you). He has personal shows as well as playing festivals and every single show is amazing. If you haven’t gone to one of his shows then you must get to one ASAP, you won’t regret it.

Dave has been a conversation starter a lot lately, though. He has his weekend fun at SPAC already this summer and is headed to Darien Lake in Upstate NY to play on July 3rd. I’m sure he’s been to numerous shows between those two but those are the two that pertain to us Upstater’s the most.  Recently, I’ve found the Life Is Good Festival in Canton, Mass. and Dave will be there in September. I’m definitely going to that for my 21st and it will be amazing.

Anywho, to make this a SONG OF THE WEEK, I have one of my favorite Dave songs. However, this is a Dave and Tim version so it’s acoustic. Dave and Tim work well together and if you haven’t heard any of their renditions, get to listening!

Sister is a sentimental song in my life, because; well, for the sole fact that I have a sister. But it’s a great song and brings some emotion to the table.  Dave said at his Live at Radio City concert in 2010, that this song has great meaning for him and his sister. He said, “When me and my sister were little we used to think that maybe when she was born God, or whatever, took her heart and put it in my chest and took my heart and put it in hers.” Not to jump into a different category for discussion but I thought this brought a realistic vibe to Dave.

Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas Dave.

-Brooke Leone