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My first reaction was horror: not because Phoebe wouldn’t do incredible work at Louis Vuitton, because she would. But because I was unsure what this would mean for Céline. However, the current waves say her position at Louis Vuitton would be added to her current responsibilities at Céline.

Philo is a bit of a laid back designer. She is family-oriented, which is not the best way to describe the fashion industry. In the midst of her success at Chloé, she packed up and left to stay at home with her newborn child and her husband. Odd.


Christian Dior showed at Paris Haute Couture Week this past Wednesday afternoon, and John Galliano was nowhere in sight. Galliano, former creative director, was fired by Dior after 14 years for his anti-Semitic remarks, caught on video, in a Paris bar. Bill Gaytten, who’s been on the design team at Dior for 23 years and is head of the label’s studio, was the man who took a bow at the end of the show, along with his assistant, Susan Venegas. The collection was complete with blue giraffe prints, zebra stripes, layers upon layers of chiffon, square-shaped sequins, and all things Easter-colored. It was one of the most incoherent haute couture collections I’ve seen.

But I’m not saying cohesion should be as literal as Alexandre Vauthier’s haute couture collection, which used only two shades of red. With the exception of one ivory dress complete with what looks like a football player’s shoulder pad, but bedazzled with fine silver and gems, Vauthier’s collection featured monochromatic looks in red. At least the ladies look à la femme fatale.


Since the debut of Haider Ackermann’s self-titled line in 2001, the designer has made quite the impact on the fashion world. He famously used to clean toilets and is now one of the most regarded designers of our time. If you haven’t heard of him, don’t be ashamed. Ackermann avoids press, and isn’t exactly mainstream.

His precise draping and avant-garde aesthetic is simply unique. In the past year, Ackermann’s line transformed him into the designer of the moment. His Fall 2011 line was wildly noted as brilliant; both Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld sent him flowers to congratulate him.  The line was filled with draped leather jackets, impeccably hemmed trousers and extreme hair and makeup. His jackets often seem impossible to put on, but Ackermann specifically twists and manipulates his clothing to create this allusion. Some say his line is too narrow, but I praise his ability to master a single silhouette.


It’s now been a month since John Galliano was first in the news for verbally assaulting a couple at a Paris café. As soon as the story broke, he was fired as creative director at Dior. After years at the top of the fashion ladder with no scandals to speak of, he was part of a media circus completely unrelated to his abilities as a designer. (more…)

And there goes another one...

Paris, midnight Friday: John Galliano is arrested. The reason? Apparently he assaulted a couple at a café by making anti-Semitic remarks. The couple filed a police report against him. Subsequently, he was suspended from his functions as Creative Director at Dior.

Immediately, the Internet went up in a storm about the news. John Galliano has been at Dior for 14 years. He has never had a serious incident or put Dior in the news for any antics. As his first fuck up, he is pretty much ousted. That is not to say that the allegations against him are not serious. They are, but so far, he has strongly denied them. He has shown up at the police station with three witnesses and has filed a defamation suit against the couple.

It seems brash for LVMH to react this way considering the time he has been the identity of the brand and been drama-free. They owe it to him, to at least give him the benefit of the doubt until all proof is assessed. Then again, LVMH is corporate, and we all know how dispensable they consider creatives.

– Nadjma Sako