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My first writing on being a senior. This should be interesting writing to all the wee-little underclassmen who will eventually be in my shoes, if you play your cards right. That’s one thing you learn from attending a community college that accepted almost your entire graduating class. Higher education is a little like going into battle with your friends. Not everyone’s going to be able to be there at the end. Spoiler alert.

"Take out that machine gun nest. Then we'll sing the Alma Mater!"

When you tell people that you’re a senior, it’s almost like you’re telling them you’re going on some grand knightly quest to slay a dragon. You usually get something along the lines of “That’s great!” quickly followed by a solemn “I’m going to miss you.” To a certain extent, their jubilation and concerns are justified. Gone will be the days of beer pong, Humans vs. Zombies and work-study, replaced with an atom bomb’s worth of responsibilities, job searches and a significant drop in alcohol consumption.


It feels like just yesterday I received my first invitation to be a zombie. What started with zombies multiplied into vampires, the mafia and (what I believe to be the most terrifying of all) a fish tank. In defense the few remaining humans in this monster-mobster driven world made witty statuses protested incoming requests. That is where it should have ended.

Every time you like something does not make you a Fan of it.  Sure, be a Fan of Dinosaur BBQ. But, let’s be honest: do you really need to publicly declare yourself a Facebook Fan of “You should be thanking me everyday I haven’t punched you in the face yet?”

Again, good to know how you’re feeling, but I don’t care. By the way, if you agree with me you should so totally become a Fan of “I’m not in a bad mood, you just annoy me.”

Here is a beginners guide about what is and is not acceptable to publicly be a fan of. (more…)