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Faking Thin

Posted: November 27, 2012 by jerkmagblog in TRIM -- style
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For many of us, Thanksgiving is the first time we will have been home since August. So, in order to avoid that “What the hell happened to her?” moment, I’ve compiled a list of ways to appear skinnier, even if those crammed recent hours spent at the gym are giving you zero results.

Rule Number 1: Stand straighter

I know, I know all of our moms and grandmas constantly nag us on standing up straighter and not slouching over.  I’ve had numerous times in my life when my mom has literally come up to me and pulled my shoulder’s back.  However, over the years I have realized a good posture not only makes you look skinnier, but also makes you feel more confident.

Rule Number 2: Wear clothes that are the right size

This is probably the most important rule. If something is too small, don’t wear it! You may feel good if you somehow manage to squeeze into your old pair of jeans, but if your fat bulges, giving you a muffin top, it’s just not worth it.

Rule Number 3: Belt it

I always suggest wearing a long sweater and cinching it with a belt. Belts always define and help draw attention to the narrowest part of your body.  You can do this by wearing both thin and thick belts.

Rule Number 4: Don’t Wear Stripes

Stripes usually make you appear wider. So don’t do it unless they are horizontal, which make you look longer and leaner.

Hopefully you listen to my advice because you definitely don’t want to go home and hear people whispering “what the hell happened to her?

– Lauren Levine