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So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but for the third time this year, the United States is on the verge of a government shutdown. The THIRD time. This time, the GOP is demanding $1.6 billion dollars in spending cuts in order to supply disaster relief funds to victims of Hurricane Irene. I’ll let that one sink in for a moment.

It’s times like these, I really begin to wonder if I’m the only sane person when I look at this and think that it sounds like, oh I don’t know, extortion. Logically, you’d think there would be some backlash for this, but I guess not. The more I watch these threats of a government shutdown, the more and more I think of Diddy.



Gay Republicans…?!

Posted: February 23, 2010 by johnylek in Uncategorized
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Unlike bigfoot, the Yeti and the bogeyman, it turns out that there are, in fact, gay Republicans. Why haven’t these strange beasts been eradicated by the Bible Wielding, fire and brimstone religious right? Is this even possible?

In fact, yes.

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, there was a booth that was host to GOProud, a gay Republican group that combines the spirit of GOP and Gay Pride (the proud part of the group name). (more…)

Tea parties: enough is enough.

Tea parties piss me off. They call themselves a completely partisan organization, a grassroots organization of Libertarians and other like minded Fiscal Conservatives. Tea parties are opposed to any wasteful government spending and growth of the Federal Government. Appealing back the vaunted Boston Tea Party of December 16th 1773, these “patriots” claim to be echoing the voices of our Founding Fathers, especially when it comes to limited government. Sounds noble and patriotic, right? (more…)

Can’t We All Just Get Along

Posted: April 4, 2009 by jlmarti in Uncategorized
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To criticize or not to criticize: that is the dilemma many face when evaluating the current job of the Obama administration. In an effort for individuals to better understand our stance and to see how our standpoint has helped (or harmed) the nation, there will be an exploration on various stances people have taken when assessing the 44th President and his cabinet’s actions thus far. (more…)