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After boasting his hip-hop supremacy, J. Cole’s debut album, “Cole World: A Sideline Story,” has finally surfaced. The album leaked a week prior to its expected September 27 release date, but I’m sure that his fans are more than OK with that. The excitement over Cole’s long-awaited freshman album is evident as fans intently rummage the Internet for any links to the album that haven’t already been taken down due to copyright infringement.

Cole’s album release closely resembles that of Wiz Khalifa‘s “Deal or No Deal” in that a significant amount of the track list is composed of songs that aren’t at all new to his fans. The Roc Nation artist said in an interview with that he is currently trying to balance songs that his fans will enjoy with other tracks that are “radio friendly.” Cole says, “You have to play the game to change the game.”

Cole is definitely capable of playing the game, and maintaining his initial fan base. While the first half of the album consists primarily of catchy “hooks [that] can knock Rocky out,” generally the album will remind long-time Cole fans of the raw hip-hop that caught their attention in the first place. Overall, the album is very unique in its composition because it captures Cole’s versatility as an artist. Cole shows shows that he can do everything from top 40 hits to the conscious rap that his predecessors Common, Kanye West, and Talib Kweli would be proud of.

-A.J. Allen