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If you’re still in Syracuse or well anywhere that it’s extremely hot already, you’re probably dying miserably. Unless you’re in amazing air conditioning and not a humid off-campus apartment…

Since it’s only the beginning of June, it shouldn’t be this hot. Thank you global warming but we aren’t interested in your bullshit. Seriously, wait until July to start being an asshole.

ANYWAYZ…if you’re like me, you get back from work or your internship or whatever you’re doing and you don’t even want to cook dinner because that means adding even more heat into the air. Laying in bed with a fan directly on you is the only appealing thing besides taking an ice cold shower for an hour.

This is the boat I’m in and I hope I’m not totally alone, but I might be. With this all being said, music is the only thing that doesn’t make you move, well at least this playlist doesn’t. Dance if you must, but you’ll just be in a pool of your own sweat soon enough.

Omaha – Counting Crows
Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
After The Storm – Mumford & Sons
I’ll Back You Up – Dave Matthews Band
Cannonball – Damien Rice
All At Once – Jack Johnson
Breakdown More – Eric Hutchinson
Don’t Panic – Coldplay
Sleeping To Dream – Jason Mraz
Walk Away – Ben Harper
Transformation – David Gray
Hannah – Ray LaMontagne
#41 – Dave Matthews Band
Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

Happy Cooling!

-Brooke Leone