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One surprise of my senior year has been all the exciting events happening on campus and in the city of Syracuse. Let me tell you, I know I’m having an awesome time my senior year so far, and I’m sure the rest of you guys are too.

It started with Day Glow, then Juice JamCuse Crawl and Tiesto followed; next month Skrillex will be coming to town as well. It seems house/trance music is finally having its moment here in Syracuse, and I am definitely lucky and thrilled that I am able to enjoy such moments here in my last year.

In addition to all the parties, the fact that I am part of the Jerk blogging team this year, as well as writing for College Fashionista, has given me a chance to look back on my college career and be grateful that I am actively part of SU. My previous years only consisted of volunteering and joining a couple clubs, but I never really took genuine interest in them.

I just want to say it’s not too late for us seniors to join a club or activity, especially if it’s for something you really love and care about. Make sure to take advantage of this school’s resources while you can, before we graduate, and before it becomes too late.

-Ellie Sul

‘Cuse Crawl 2011 happened last Friday night. For those of you who don’t know what a bar crawl is, let me educate you a little bit.

A bar crawl (also known as a pub crawl, a bar tour, or bar-hopping), in the most simplistic terms, is an event where people visit multiple bars, all in walking distance of each other, and order a drink at each establishment.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s my standard Saturday night!” Not exactly. Do you usually receive a free cup, and win a t-shirt at the end of the night when successfully wasted? I didn’t think so.

While getting sloppy-drunk on the streets of downtown Syracuse for free stuff certainly sounds like a good time, and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news (that’s a lie, I actually kind of love it), those famed bar crawls can be extremely dangerous to your health.