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Dan Clowes’ graphic novel, “Ghost World” tells the story of Enid Coleslaw and her best friend Rebecca during the months between their high school graduation and the following October. The girls curse a lot, obsess over freaks and strange events in their lives and eventually come to realize their childhood friendship may not survive their transition into adulthood.

They find themselves in that strange no man’s land of graduation, where they have just spent 18 years of their lives becoming the people they are and now they have to decide who they really want to be and what they really want to do. They have their whole lives ahead of them, but no driving passion. Instead, they pass the days criticizing popular culture and the strange cast of characters that live around their town, all the while finding themselves growing into different people.


Is he better than your kids?

If you haven’t visited this website, then you need to. It’s absolutely hilarious. Yes, the author, a 32-year-old computer programmer named Maddox, is judgmental of kids’ art, and yes, he is completely unapologetic and blunt to a fault. But, that’s the whole point.

Many people have criticized him for being an asshole and unoriginal, among other less-than-flattering terms. He just laughs them off, and includes a page for hate mail on his original website. He even corrects the generally bad grammar that most of the submitted mail seems to have. Were these people really that much in a rush to bash him that they couldn’t stop to re-read their own writing?That’s just feeding Maddox more material to work with—which, in turn, gives viewers more reasons to visit his site.

People really shouldn’t take this kind of online commentary so seriously. It’s meant to be funny and provoke a reaction, which he is obviously pretty successful at doing. Besides, he has a point, a lot of kids’ art does suck. A lot of adults’ art does too. Would people have had as strong of a reaction if he’d criticized adults’ artwork? Probably not.

Looking at the bigger picture, I seriously doubt any little youngins are going to be searching for their artwork online. So let’s lay off the man, yeah?

-Erin Elzo