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Yankees fans, next time you grab a Bronx Bombers hat or shirt make sure you are representing well. Analysts are noticing that New York City locals and crime aficionados like to do their dirty work in Yankees gear.

Is it team spirit? It could have something to do with people — including  those fond of committing robbery and assault — emulating celebrities. And Jay-Z loves his Yankees. Or maybe that’s just the hat any New Yorker is going to grab when he wants to look inconspicuous.

It’s unclear whether there is really a connection between Yankees garb and crime. What’s certain is that criminals in the Big Apple and their fondness for the Yankees is more than a coincidence; the trend is even noticeable outside of the city.

I say, stop it. I want my team to be stealing, not its fans. Stealing bases, that is. Zing!

~Nicole Fisher