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People love their counterculture and all the ridiculously expensive fashion that comes with it. Sorry Snooki, but your diamond studded sunglasses for the blind haven’t really made an impact with East Coast college kids. We’re all about the Ray-Bans, or if you’re like me and think 150 bucks could go toward beer or food, the Fay-Bans. I personally have two pairs, one tie-dye and the other flowered, from Macy’s.

Well, I predict a new pair of protective lenses on the market—CRAP Eyewear. Potentially inspired by Ke$ha and half the price of a pair of Ray-Bans, CRAP Eyewear boasts collection names like “The Nudie Mag” and “The Juan Jovi.” These thick-framed, mirrored-lenses could really go either way at this point. Whether the hipster crowd, the bros, or the just plain d-bags take a liking to these babies, I’m personally glad Ray-Ban has a challenger. Considering the picture involves Natty Light instead of Pabst, I think we can exclude the hipsters.

-Christina Sterbenz