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It was only a matter of time before the constant quoting and hash-tagging made a stir in the meetings of Disney executives.  As many of you die-hard fans may already know, Disney is rebooting the beloved Boy Meets World in an effort to make money…uh… I mean… make us fans “happy.”  That’s all they care about, right?

The new sitcom will be called Girl Meets World and will focus on basically all the same stuff the original show did, except this time, it’s a girl, and she’s Cory and Topanga’s daughter.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this, mainly because Disney was A LOT different back in the days of Boy Meets World.  I mean, it was good and I enjoyed watching it.  Today each show has an over exaggerated premise, is polluted with overacting, and every star of every show also has a (disappointing) music career.

Boy Meets World was great because the writing and acting were actually good, and the characters were people we could get behind.  Who doesn’t remember Plays With Squirrels? (Casie stop reading) It was more important to me that Eric Matthews exceed in college than it was my own sister! (Casie you may resume reading HERE)  Nothing with the styling of Good Luck Charlie could ever get me to care about a couple for 20 years like I did Cory and Topanga.  Remember when they broke up and walked away, then both walked backed but JUST missed each other? Oh, gosh, was I a mess!

My point is that if Disney makes this show like they make everything else lately it will tarnish the Boy Meets World memory because frankly no one will care.  I want to trust them, but it’s so hard after Cory in the House.  I know Mr. Feeney is now 85, but they’ll only win me over if the first shot of the series is him gardening.

– Taylor Kowalski