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There it is--the first piece of meat I've ever cooked.

There it is--the first piece of meat I've ever cooked.

There I was on a Sunday night, all by my lonesome, cooking duck for the first time in my life. Actually, I was cooking meat for the first time in my life, unless bacon counts.

It’s a little depressing to eat something delicious alone. Or at least to cook for two hours only to eat something delicious alone is a little depressing. But I’m quite a misanthrope, and even more of a glutton.

After being cooped up in your apartment doing homework all weekend, you just want somebody to eat Chinese Five-Spice Duck with Mushroom Ravioli Sautéed in Bacon and Rapini with. So I guess it’s pretty lucky that one of my high school friends texted me: “Hey Rox what’re you up to?” He was in Syracuse for the night, and wanted to, y’know, maybe meet for coffee and catch up.

Little did he know he’d end up my sous-chef. Mohammad showed up later with his attempt at being adorable and giving me a housewarming gift: about a quarter of a crumpled bag of hot fries. 

I can’t reduce wine for shit. It sat on the stove for twice as long as it should have, and I ended up with a congealed, purple layer of goo in the bottom of my lovely Paula Deen non-stick pan. I guess the bacon was a problem too. I’ve cooked bacon before, I swear. But somehow it went straight from raw to burnt in the skillet. We had to scrap half of it.

The best sous-chef ever.

The best sous-chef ever.

All in all it was pretty good. Chinese Five-Spice Blend is cinnamon, anise, cloves, ginger, and star anise, and it tasted amazing on the duck. My whole apartment smelled like cinnamon and cloves. I think I overcooked it a little, but undercooked poultry is a lot worse. And Mo must have enjoyed it, because he really did offer to do the dishes, insisting that it’s his “favorite part.”

Even though it goes against my misanthropic nature, I like cooking for people. I think making something delicious for somebody else is not such a bad way to spend time with them. I mean, if you absolutely must be around people, that is.

~Roxanne Broda-Blake

I’m in a cheese coma. And butter. And chocolate. And I may have severely compromised my complexion. And my figure. But it’s all in the name of discovery, of science, even. And I have discovered that you can make almost anything more delicious when reinterpreted as a grilled cheese sandwich.

I was surfing around on, looking for something for my first cooking blog entry. Something meaningful, and shocking, and attention-grabbing. Something that would pull people in. I am, after all, walking in similar shoes as Julie Powell, foraying into the unknown through a culinary wormhole in my tiny South Campus kitchen. But then I saw a recipe for “Fried Bittersweet Chocolate Bread” and all my cares went out the window.

“Fried Bittersweet Chocolate Bread” is an extremely simple and absolutely beautiful recipe. It’s a sandwich of chocolate cooked in a pan with butter until golden brown. And I wondered, “What else could I put between slabs of bread and fry in butter?”

Yummy ingredients for a yummy recipe, thanks to P&C.

Yummy ingredients for a yummy recipe, thanks to P&C.

A world of possibilities opened in my head, and I threw on my coat and hoofed it to P&C.

I came back an hour later, laden with Italian bread, mozzarella, brie, pepperoni, Hershey’s bars, and Reese’s cups. My kitchen was already stocked with bacon, raspberry jam, peanut butter, Colby jack cheese, apples, and, most important of all: butter.

I got to assembling, season three of The Office playing on Netflix in the background. I ended up with six creations. Brie and apple, mozzarella and pepperoni, Colby jack, bacon and brie, peanut butter and jelly, hershey’s chocolate, and reese’s peanut butter cup. (more…)