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Okay you hate them, he hates them, I hate them… I’m sure we all do; especially during that big “O” moment. But let’s face it; condoms are a necessary evil during sex with a new or perhaps untrustworthy partner.

Though they decrease stimulation by a significant amount, and virtually RUIN sex, condoms are absolutely necessary when hooking up in college. Until you know and trust your partner, and unless you have an alternate mode of contraception, raw dogging it isn’t really an option. So while you must use condoms… choose ‘Cuse Condoms!

The ‘Cuse Condoms, pictured above, are the perfect way to be sexually responsible while showing school spirit!! Hah, no, but still. They’re pretty freaking awesome for late-night hook ups, or celebratory sex after the basketball team wins. Another plus; their package isn’t as obnoxious as other condom wrappers. They aren’t bright teal Trojans that take up half your wallet, so your chick won’t think you’re a pig if or when she sees one of these in your pockets.

These condoms, specially made for SU students were designed by the “Say it With a Condom” company, to make your big moment that much more orange.

Keep Calm & Penetrate each other. Safely.

-Deanna Viel


The “Putting on Condoms for Dummies” book will soon go dusty on the shelves when more people hear of this new,” innovative” product. Condoms. With. Handles…or strips for that matter that aid you in seamlessly putting a condom on. If you don’t believe me watch the video or check out the site, (awkward sex position animations included). Your mind will officially be blown. No more fumbling hands, awkward moments, or moments wasted with these bad boys. You tear the condom out of the package, place it on the package, and pull the strips on the sides and BAM. And you’d think simple tasks couldn’t get any easier. Soon we’ll be able to visualize that a condom is on and it’ll appear from thin air.

-Alicia Aiello

Sakyong Mipham once stated, “Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.” However, we are fully aware of what a bitch karma can be when things aren’t going our way! Therefore, here are some ideas to get on karma’s good side.
March is finally upon us, which means that you will only be living with your neighbors for just a few more weeks! That statement will either elicit a feeling of sorrow or a feeling of joy. Either way, maintaining good relations with those around you ensures that vindictive neighbors will not interrupt your daily routine and life.
Here are a few of my suggestions in order to keep the peace:

• A check-in note: After a long and challenging day, it’s great to be welcomed home with a handwritten (or typed) note from a neighbor. Having given and received notes, I know that I, along with my neighbors, are appreciative of the time someone took out of their busy day in order to make you feel better. Even if you leave a little note on someone’s white board, you never know what kind of impact it will have on them!

• A sweet surprise: Who doesn’t enjoy the taste of some chocolate? Leaving a snack for someone will most definitely be a welcomed gift for anyone who is coming in after a busy week. If you’re unable to leave the present in the person’s room, attach a little, “Come see me note” or something similar (…this could turn sexual). For Valentine’s Day, my neighbors and I left lollipops and a foil-wrapped candy on each other’s doors, which we fastened on with tape. As Rachel Ray has said time and again, “The way to anyone’s anything is through their stomach.”

• Wrap it up!: One of the most memorable presents that I have ever seen affixed to anyone’s door was over a dozen brightly colored condoms that had been arranged in a particular way (interpret that as you may). Use your creativity! Urban Outfitters sells fetch little notes that either encourage or disparage the receiver depending on their behavior. Leaving a little “Pep Talk” note or even a contraceptive will be a welcomed surprise for your neighbor when they return. Especially with the contraceptive, it will most likely be well received (again, you catch my drift).

As Spring approaches and the uplifting weather (I’m being optimistic) arrives, channel all that glee into surprising your neighbors with a little “thinking of you” note or gift. Not only will this create stronger relationships between you and your neighbors, but you just never know what surprising and wonderful things you may get in return! Avoid karma and give!

…If for some reason you absolutely abhor your neighbors, disregard all 500 words of this and go about giving everyone the stink eye as you anxiously await May.

– Jon Gregalis