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So we’re friends with benefits, this much is obvious. You text me at 2 a.m. when your whiskey dick wants to play. I never object. I come over. We fool around. After what seems like only a minute, your grabbing the Bounty’s and wiping your cum off my stomach. I jump up and pull on my clothes, standing awkwardly next to the bed, waiting for you to either open the door or pull me back.

Unfortunately you chose the second, and tentatively I agree.  I’m not sure why you want me to spend the night, but I don’t want to feel like a whore, so I comply. But this is where the problem presents itself, are we supposed to spoon? Do we lay there like we were not just intimate with each other? I think it’s only natural to swing your arm around the half-naked broad you could have just made babies with, but at the same time, you don’t want to give across the wrong idea.

Sex-friends: people who “use each other at all hours of the day for sex,”as the movie “No Strings Attached” put it, should remain just that. Even though it is atypical for people who are “just friends” to have sex, it is hard to keep the two relationships separate. So should friends with benefits sleep together, not talking intercourse, I mean actually curl up and drool on the pillow sleep together? My guess is probably no, because one person, if not both, will get the wrong idea and really, why ruin a good thing? If your mate is cool with humping and leaving, then don’t try to push the coed sleepovers.

– Deanna Viel